Closed FTB Utils chunk loading resets on world reload

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Summary of the problem FTB Utils chunk loading resets on world reload

Pack Version 1.2.0

What is the bug? Whenever I exit to main menu and then load ANY world again, including the one just left, it resets the chunks loaded. All my claims remain, but none are loaded.
Additionally, once I go round and reload all my chunks in various dimensions, the graphics do not render properly. The number indicating how many chunks are loaded in the bottom corner is correct, however the chunks are not outlined in red like normal on the map.

Mod & Version FTB Utilities 4.2.4

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Enter world, load chunks, leave world, reload world, chucks are gone. Persistently happens.

Known Fix Go round and replace all of your chunk loads (map visuals broken as described above, but functional loading).