FTB Update. (New launcher + FTB Omnia released.)


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Sep 9, 2020
Quick question. Why does the launcher downloads the oficial Minecraft Launcher again in it's own folder instead of utilizing the one already installed in the system? The problem of custom paths could be solved by a simple setting for the installation path of the mc launcher.
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Jul 29, 2019
This is being looked at, but for right now you can right click and save as to fix this problem.

The Link is still "Broken". (as of 14 Aug 2020)
However, as stated <right click> link "linux.sh", <left click> SAVE AS.
Now what?
How to actually install the app (linux gets a bad rep by not explaining things for new users)

Open the file location in terminal. (I do this from the file browser)
(my linux uses BASH shell so, make adjustments if needed.)
if you are not sure what shell you are using enter this command in terminal "burp"
it's unlikely that you have a command called burp, but your shell will respond with something like " bash: burp: command not found"

in terminal type " bash FTBA_unix_202007161516-479dedc615-release.sh "
hit enter and the installer will start installing (yea)

Have fun.


Some tips to get FTB to run under linux.

  1. Java 1.8 is required.
  2. Give at least 5gb to the JVM

If you are using OpenJDK you can install OpenJDK 8 via your package/software manager.

If you would rather use Oracle Java you can find it here (https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-downloads.html)
choose the version for your linux environment.

Your default install will still be available and used by default.
Make sure you point to this java via the setting in the game launcher.
(example) /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/bin/java
I also started the FTBA app using openjdk8 as an " Open With" option via file manager.

good luck
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Nov 22, 2020
A couple of issues I've seen on the new launcher is that clicking the top-right button to change from tiles to list does not work. Also, in settings, even when list mode is disabled, the example modpack is always list mode.
And a question; is support for 3rd party / private modpacks going to be added soon? Currently, I am still using the classic launcher to launch these packs.


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Aug 20, 2012
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A couple of issues I've seen on the new launcher is that clicking the top-right button to change from tiles to list does not work. Also, in settings, even when list mode is disabled, the example modpack is always list mode.
Just checked in my install and this is working as it should be, perhaps you need to update?

And a question; is support for 3rd party / private modpacks going to be added soon? Currently, I am still using the classic launcher to launch these packs.
It's planned, but we have a bunch of other stuff ahead of it in the queue.


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Nov 23, 2020

FTB App Beta released today.

FTB Omnia (First FTB Kitchen Sink Pack released today)

Downloads available at https://feed-the-beast.com/

So it has been several months now since we made the announcement that we were going to start working on an upgraded version of the FTB App. With this in mind I wanted to write a post that contains all of the information about all of these changes.


Today sees the launch of the new FTB App. This has been created by the team at CreeperHost and has been designed to follow the same principles as the original launcher. The new launcher retains the simplicity of the old launcher and updates the interface to more modern standards. In addition to this the entire back end of the launcher is now designed to be much more efficient with your resources. Whilst the launcher itself is running it should use a minimal amount of RAM, in addition to this when downloading updates to packs you will only download the mods you actually need rather than an entire modpack every time you need to update a single mod.

In addition we have also designed the new launcher to run both FTB Packs and also third party packs. Upon release, the launcher will only carry FTB packs. This will be quickly opened up to allow third party pack makers to release mod packs on the FTB App if they wish to do so. Whilst we are still finalising the details of how this will happen our intention is to remove the distinction between FTB Mod packs and third party mod packs on the new launcher so that all mod packs are listed together.

The new launcher will no longer directly run Minecraft, but will instead create a new profile within native Minecraft launcher (similar to the way the twitch app works). This is one of the steps that we want to do in order to improve our process moving forwards. It should also be noted that the new app is designed for the installation of complete mod packs and is not intended to be used as a tool for the downloading of individual mods. Whilst it is possible to add or remove additional mods to or from a modpack, updating the pack will reset the pack back to default.

For people downloading the launcher on the first day, you may see a warning from Microsoft or anti-virus warning you that the software is an unrecognised app. This should however resolve itself fairly quickly. You may also see slower download speeds that normal initially but these should also resolve themselves quickly and should speed up both as we balance the network and also you build up a cache of mods.

Finally I wanted to mention that with the new launcher, this is now essentially split into 2 projects. The first project is the launcher itself, which we have already discussed. The second is a new back end where the mods themselves will be hosted. This back end is controlled and run by CreeperHost. Our intention here is to at some point open up this back end so other people can access it. However this is still in early planning. When more news becomes available we can release it.

(NOTE:- For any issues with the launcher, please post them at https://github.com/FTBTeam/FTB-App/issues


As previously announced, once we have ensured that the New FTB App is stable, we will be closing the FTB Account on Curseforge. With regards to the mods that FTB have created, these will still be available for use in mod packs via the account of Latvianmodder. However FTB mod packs will only be available through the FTB App. Currently released mod packs will still be available on the Twitch launcher for around a month.

1.12 Mod packs.

Whilst modding for 1.15 is improving daily, we still want to spend some time on looking at some of our older packs. So over the next month or so we also intend to go back to some of our 1.12 packs and where appropriate release updates for them. These updates will be exclusively available on the new FTB App. In addition for people who played FTB Sky Odyssey we are hoping to release a Pro mode of this pack for those that want an additional challenge.

FTB Omnia

FTB Omnia is the latest modpack from FTB. Built on Minecraft 1.15, Omnia brings together some of the best mods released on the latest version of Minecraft. Omnia focuses mainly on mods that revolve around tech and exploration, including some of our old favorites such as Refined Storage, Industrial Foregoing and RF Tools as well as adding popular mods like Mekanism and mods new to FTB such as Powah and Mining Gadgets. In addition we have had new mods created to further enhance and refine the pack.

Omnia follows a traditional Kitchen Sink style of gameplay and is suitable for both single player and server play. For single player we are recommending 4 gig ram and for servers we are recommending 4 gig Ram for an 8 player server.

Other news.

Over the next few months we are going to be looking to redesign the FTB Website frontpage to enhance the features available to visitors.

Personal Note.

A massive amount of work has gone into bringing together all of the projects we have going on and I want to take a little time to thank a few people without whom it would not be possible for us to continue. First for Jake, Cloudy, Travis, Rushmead, Gaz and everyone at CreeperHost for helping to put together the new launcher. Even though along the way we had many ‘discussions’ :D I really think in the end we are going to be able to release an excellent new launcher. I also want to give special mention to both Paul and Dray. In addition to the work they themselves have done, they have also allowed FTB to essentially commandeer staff and repurpose them to help out with the launcher. In the 7 plus years that FTB has existed, they continue to prove that the partnership we made with CreeperHost is the one really great decision that we made.

With regards to mod packs, there are many people who continue to help out but there are a couple of people who stand out. Both Sunekaer and Naxanria have continued to work on a daily basis. Lately making sure that FTB Omnia is as polished as it can be and of course LatvianModder who continues to somehow find a way to make every mod I need as well as a bunch of mods that I don’t need.

For maps, there again is a whole bunch of people that have helped out but special mention needs to go to Loneztar who makes sure that stuff gets done even if I do scare her at times. I also want to say thanks to KooDan our principle builder and everyone who has helped out making the maps (Yes even the dinners).

Finally a quick mention for Hubert who continues to make all the artwork for FTB despite the fact that he has a family and job to take up all of his time.


I also think it is appropriate to mention LexManos, Cpw and everyone else that continues to work on Forge, but also all the other mod and mod pack creators within our community. Without all these people nothing we do would be possible. Since day one, we have always resisted creating a Patreon account at FTB despite numerous requests. For anyone that wants to make a donation for anything we do, please choose one of these mod developers and make that donation to them.
How do i play the mod tho? im so confused