FTB Unstable 1.14, how to get?

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Rudi Hansen

New Member
Nov 25, 2019
So until today I was happily playing FTB Unstable 1.14, but now suddenly it stopped working, and I found out that the problem is that is't no longer available through Twitch.

After some time I found my way to the FTB Launcher, and thought yes I can play it now, only to find out that its not available on the FTB launcher :-(

So my question is, it that going to change any time soon?


Jul 24, 2013
I have no problem starting it from Twitch today...

Having said that I wonder how long it will remain there, considering that the Oct 31 announcement in this forum seems to say that all FtB packs will be removed from Twitch at some point and that everything will be available here. I just installed Launcher 1.5 and cannot access any 1.14 content myself.