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Casual Server FTB Unleashed server! 1.5.2

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Thondar1990, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Thondar1990

    Thondar1990 Active Member

    Hey All

    Im Currently running a 1.5.2 FTB Unleased server!
    to join the server you need to toss an application eighter here or in a PM.

    Infomation about the server.
    4gb ram.
    no banned items.
    Automatic restarts every 4 hours.
    Located in Europe

    Rules on the server.
    griefing is NOT tolerated.
    use mystcraft ages for automated mining.
    use mystcraft and chunkloaders responsibly. (dont over do it! :p)

    Requeirments to join!
    You are 18+ (this is mainly so we know you are mature and will fit in with the rest of the server)
    You speak english well enough to make yourself understandable.
    You will accept and follow the rules of the server.

    How to apply?
    Fill this form below.


    Write abit about why you want to join the server(atleast 2-3 lines):

    Hope you see you on the server soon!

  2. Rhodox

    Rhodox New Member

    age: 16
    Location: England!
    Why I Should Join: I Would be a great help to the server by making numerous things including, Auto-farms, infinite food, factories, Auto Mines, Power hookups and many more including shops!:D Please whitelist me!
    My IGN: Rhodoxify
  3. loren1173

    loren1173 New Member

    Location: United States
    I should join because my knowledge of the game (Minecraft and FTB) is pretty extensive because of my history with Minecraft and FTB. I started playing Minecraft during the beta 1.2 days. I would add some flare by balancing matuity and immaturity, building cool machines, devices, and systems, and just all around having fun! But why the need for an essay???
    IGN: loren1173
  4. Wyldeman

    Wyldeman New Member

    Age: 16
    Location: United States
    I would like to join the server for the following reasons.
    1. Playing alone on single player is not as enjoyable as playing with people.
    2. I saw that the server will have mature players only. (Having to deal with bratty children is not one of my favorite things)
    3. I happened to see that no items will be banned, allowing me to use the mod pack in full. And since there will be no greifers, I will have nothing to worry about.

    My IGN: Wyldeman97

    I understand that I do not meet the age requirement, however, I ask you over look my age and judge me by my actions not my age.
    Please take whitelisting me into consideration. Thank you
  5. watty00

    watty00 New Member

    location: canada
    i would like to join Because:
    1 i hate when people can grief your house on any server and really in ftb raiding shouldnt be allowed
    2 i was getting bored of all the other packs
    3 i would like to join to be apart of a new pack a what seems like a great server

    thanks for reading hope you accept from ign x0watty0x peace
  6. Thondar1990

    Thondar1990 Active Member

    Only a few more spots on the server, so im only gonna accept the applicants i feel will fit 100% in with the community we got on the server.
  7. polar

    polar New Member

    Age: 30
    Location: United States

    Hey! I am hoping for an opportunity to join because I enjoy the social aspect of gaming with others. There is something cool about being able to do your own thing, but be able to show it off without having to fear giving out your coordinates. I don't screw around, but I can be goofy at times. If you could let me know, either way, that would be excellent. Thanks.

    ign: polar_bear82
  8. CheeseAlmighty

    CheeseAlmighty Active Member

    Age: 20
    Location: Turkey
    IGN: CheeseAlmighty

    Well, first of all, I'm a fluent English speaker, you can be sure of that, so we'll have no problem on that aspect. Why do I want to join? Well, I'm playing modded minecraft for 2 years (I've played on hamachi with my friends on a private mod pack for 1 year and 1 year of solitude.) and after sometime, it gets unsatisfying when you're all alone. I'm in medical school, which kinda stops me from playing all the time, but regardless, I play regularly to relax myself. So I'll be around. And I have 1 month of vacation left and it's enough for me to set up the machinery and start building peacefully. And also, I do not have time to deal with spoiled brats (considering that everyone playing will be 18+). Yeah, I think sums up all the reasons I want to join to the server.

    PS: I enjoy making community builds, as long as people are nice and respectful.

    All the best,
  9. sign_369

    sign_369 New Member

    Age: 18
    Location: Canada
    Hello my name is Shane, i am 18 years old and I wish to join this server. I have been playing ftb since Direwolf20. I am a calm and quiet player i usually don't bug people and am independent. I do not grief or steal and I don't cause lag I usually I farm and build and don't care about alot of all the IC2 or greg. But i enjoy forestry with all that it has to offer.
  10. sup

    sup New Member

    Hello My Name Is Anthony Im A Cool Guy Play Almost 24/7 Dont Grief Steal Or Cause Lag I Like Bees And Thaumcraft And Stay Out Of Everyons Way So Pls Accept
  11. Elliot hume

    Elliot hume New Member

    Age: 18
    Location: Ottawa, Canada
    IGN: Xelerayte
    I'm looking for a new server and this seems like a perfect candidate!
    I'm really good with tinkerers construct
    I have been playing FTB since the first public version so you could say I'm quite experienced
  12. Thondar1990

    Thondar1990 Active Member

    Terrorblade. if you do not like my 18+ rule, i really dont see why you would be posting on this forum at all?

    besides, you posts above just proves your imaturity. so no, you will not be allowed on the server.
  13. Chuck2354

    Chuck2354 New Member

    Age: 19
    Location: United States
    IGN: Chuck2354

    I have been looking for a server to play on for a while now, single player isn't quite as fun as it used to be. I always get big build projects started and then abandon them because I am the only one who is going to see them. Basically I am looking for a way to enhance my playing experience, and give me a reason to finish my builds. I am a college student so come the end of August my playing time will get a little small, but the other members should give me a reason to come back in my free time.
  14. Sharky

    Sharky New Member

    Location: Portugal​
    Hey, just wana play with friendly ppl and learn more about the game and help each other on building cool things =)​
    hope i can join you guys​
    IGN: Shysharky​
  15. Thondar1990

    Thondar1990 Active Member

    recruitment for the server is closed for now!
  16. Thondar1990

    Thondar1990 Active Member

    impressive that you would know that terrorblade.
    but anyways, you're alowed to have you're own opinion.
  17. nyx1993

    nyx1993 New Member

    Age: 20
    Location: USA
    IGN: Nyx1993

    I am looking for a more mature server and my friend polar plays on this one he told me about it. I like to build and keep bees in addition to exploring.
  18. TheUltimatefrog1

    TheUltimatefrog1 New Member

    Age: 18
    Location: Ireland
    IGN: Theultimatefrog1
    I would like to join because i have played in single player worlds and it seemed lonely. i am very experienced with lots of ftb mods and would love to get involved in community prohects. :D
  19. Imnothackable

    Imnothackable Member

    Age: 19
    Location: USA - Eastern
    IGN: imnothackable

    Lookin for a good server to join, skilled in FTB and happy to help out the server and the community. Excuse the IGN (Created when I was young and obnoxious).
  20. gobbel

    gobbel New Member

    Location: The Netherlands

    I'm still in the newbie fase but I want to play FTB and its a lot more fun with other people.

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