Whitelist Server FTB (ULTIMATE-Private) Infinity Server [v1.3.4] [24/7]

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Jul 29, 2019
Hi guys! My name is Vlad, if you read this thread you may interested in the new FTB private server. Server has 20 GB of RAM/Core i7 3.1GHz CPU/1Gbps dedicated connection and 64 Slots [24/7] without lags.

Special Respect for YouTubers!

No Banned Items - No Griefing. Some explosions fixed. All players ideas valuable for me!


**[Rules]** (Full list avaliable on NFCraft.net website)

* No Stealing.
* No Griefing.
* No PvP.
* Quarry in Overworld must not leave giant holes.
* No traveling too far out.
* Don't make lag machines.
* Be respectful to others and their building area.
* No racism, sexism, or homophobia.

My target is to create ultimate,friendly community with awesome people and Geeks!
I will be really happy to see adequate,friendly,motivated people!

No Extra Mods required :3
Server IP: NFCraft.net (Really, that's my old domain!) PORT: 25565/DEFAULT: NOT REQUIRED TO CONNECT!

> Requirements:

* Age: 15+
* Skype required [We are a community, we are family. Our idea is to communicate and share with experienced, so be ready to talk :)]
* Availability of adequacy and responsibility.
* Knowledge of English !!!

> {Q} How to get on server?

Here's the guide :

1. OPEN : http://NFCraft.net/

2. Read all the rules in Rules tab (Menu left side).

3.Click 'Join' button on main page or in menu.

4.Fill the special form that would appear.

5.Wait for reply and check your status by connecting to the server.The server ip : NFCraft.net (same as domain)

Good luck and Have a nice day/evening!
If you fail to follow rules, you will be banned forever
Thank you for the attention, Have Fun and Good Luck!
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