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Whitelist Server FTB Ultimate Fragnet hosted Server ( 1.4.7) 24 slots

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by Badphil-phillywilly69, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. TheAnswerme

    TheAnswerme New Member

    age?: 13
    Skype (required) : theanswerme
    experience?: Ive Been Playing FTB Since It Was Publicly Released And Minecraft Since Beta 1.5
    Why you want to join?: Im Looking For A Good Server With Trustworthy People.
  2. tarzan1376

    tarzan1376 Active Member

    Skype (required) :* I'll message you it if I get accepted *
    experience?:I love gregtech and IC2 and everything thats comes with those mods.
    Why you want to join?: I want to play on a server with some trusted people all apart of a community and not have to worry about it shutting so I can finally play Gregtech 100%
  3. christmas_ducky

    christmas_ducky New Member

    age?: I'm 15
    Skype (required) : green.minkey61
    experience?: played for a few months, done some experimenting, haven't tried all the mods
    Why you want to join?: Bored of playing alone
  4. anthony098765

    anthony098765 New Member

    age?: 15
    Skype (required) : anthony0987651
    experience?: about 2 years
    Why you want to join?: I have been looking for a nice community :)
  5. christmas_ducky

    christmas_ducky New Member

    skype: green.monkey61*

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