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Whitelist Server FTB Ultimate Fragnet hosted Server ( 1.4.7) 24 slots

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by Badphil-phillywilly69, Jul 23, 2014.

    White listed fun with friends Server. My interest is to make some friends who enjoy FTB or Minecraft overall. I am 17 years old and want legit maturity. I want Skype contacts so we can be in a call while we play. If you do not have a Skype, you are SOL.

    Application (copy and paste fill out and post.) Reply 9 Slots left
    Skype (required) :
    Why you want to join?:

    Fill out the application if interested.
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  2. PanMan

    PanMan New Member

    Skype (required): making one atm.
    Experience: Played monster and unlimited on at least 5 different servers. (intermediate player)
    Why do I want to join?: I want a small tight nit community where I can play my game.
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  3. age?: 17
    skype (required) : Will provide if accepted.
    experience?: I know lots about Tinkers Contsruct, IC2 and BC. I have played on many servers before.
    Why you want to join?: I would like to join a community with people who I can trust.
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  4. for trust issues and many problems with griefing, I would like to add you on skype and talk with you. Chargedtrix is my skype.[DOUBLEPOST=1406470319][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Once you skype is made , add chargedtrix I would love to invite you to a call and chat a little then give you the details if I find you worthy
  5. Okay, not availbe at the moment, but hopefully soon
  6. Indeed, I have to work today at 4pm CDT so I understand just contact me if you are actually interested.
  7. Speed IMG

    Speed IMG New Member

    Age: 16
    Skype: shamil1187
    experience: been playing for almost a year of FTB now.
    Why you want to join?: I want to go back to old packs that I once enjoyed.
  8. PanMan

    PanMan New Member

    Hey Shamil
  9. Speed IMG

    Speed IMG New Member

    Hi PanMan
  10. BroCrafted8

    BroCrafted8 New Member

    age?:14 but im muture
    skype (required) :dakota_welty
    experience?:iv been playing for about a year
    Why you want to join?:i want to play Minecrafted with some cool people and just hang out.
  11. ChilledZach

    ChilledZach New Member

    age?: 20
    Skype (required): [email protected]
    experience?: about 2 years of ftb on and off
    Why you want to join?: just looking for a smallish friendly community to join
  12. Illegalpizza12

    Illegalpizza12 New Member

    Skype (required) :you should have it im Roy Hicks messaged u earlier
    experience?:4-5 years with minecraft altogether
    Why you want to join?:just looking for a fun pass time! if i am excepted ill be on alot lol i have a lot of spare time
  13. TheAnswerme

    TheAnswerme New Member

    age?: 13 But Mature
    Skype (required) : Will Provide If Accepted
    experience?: Ive Been Playing MC Since Beta 1.8 And Have Been Playing Modded MC Since Tekkit Classic Was The Normal Tekkit And Even Before.
    Why you want to join?: I Just Wanna Join A Modded MC Server That Has A Good Community And No Griefers, Ill Admit, I Was Banned Once Back In My Noob Days Of 1.8 For Griefing, And What do You Expect Like Any 8-9 Year Old Playing MC They Greif, I Did Some Minor Greifing On That Server, Mainly Breaking About 10 Blocks Then Admiting Greif, Ive Never Been Banned Since, And Im Ending My App Here Due To It Being Long
    TL;DR Looking For A Good Community
  14. FaixxHD

    FaixxHD New Member

    Age: 17.
    Skype (required) : Skillaman3
    Experience?: It's been a while since I played FTB but I'm sure I'll be back on track pretty quick. I've mostly played with IC2, GregTech and Nuclear Control but of course have I done things with the other mods aswell. I am not an expert but I am eager to learn more and expand my skill and knowledge in the game.
    Why you want to join?: I'm looking for a small community server with people who I can trust and have fun with while I play the game.
  15. Stewyintheface

    Stewyintheface New Member

    Age. 19
    Skype: Stewyintheface
    Experience: I have alot of experience in the older packs. I have played for 2 years now, I recently quit but im ready to get myself back into the game. I know you will probably look past me but trust me im fun, funny and a good helper. I honestly feel like i just applied to a damn job. I am currently in college but i have alot of free time i just want something to fill that time. When i am on im usually on for hours trying to get what i planned to do done, I know this may be stupid to put but I feel like i missed alot when i quit lol. Just message me when you can saying that I did or didnt make it
    Thanks, Stewyintheface
  16. WinterWizard11

    WinterWizard11 New Member

    Skype:Nick kiley85
    I want to join becuase i got bored if tell it and started ftb and in now search of a fun chill server
  17. WinterWizard11

    WinterWizard11 New Member

    Sorry my first response got messed up but I would like to join becuase I had been playing attack of the b team and I got bored of that so I'm now getting into ftb
  18. michiel

    michiel New Member

    age?:18 23-08-1996
    Skype (required) :killer12kk (michiel)
    experience?: more than 1 year
    Why you want to join?: i had a break at ftb for 3 month and i want to get started again
  19. Anton_Eerik

    Anton_Eerik New Member

    age?: 17
    Skype (required) : anton.eerik.pauts
    experience?: been playing ultimate for good year now, but never managed to make a fusion reactor, the servers go usually offline before i get to it
    Why you want to join?: I want have a good time playing FTB, on small community server with no banned items, because banning items just tahes the game experience away for legit players.
  20. Harlem

    Harlem New Member

    age?: I'm 15
    Skype (required) : will provide if accepted
    experience?: over a years worth I guess
    Why you want to join?: I want to play on a chill server with my mates

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