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Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by ividito, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. ividito

    ividito Member

    I have been working on a map that will showcase all the mods in the FTB modpack, as well as teach new players how to interact with these mods. My goal is to provide enough infrastructure and resources that the player will not want for anything, but maintain the need to craft and work their way up to the endgame. Shelter and food is provided, automated resource collection is built and ready to go, and if they want, the player can still adventure, explore, and see what else they can do in the world.

    ETA for the tutorial map is around 2-3 weeks. If/should any other mods be released in that time (*cough*RedPower*cough*), it should only delay release by about a day or less (I don't always work, but when I do...)

    Below are some sneak peeks of the map.

    Twilight Forest Area:



  2. maylith

    maylith Active Member

    I think this is a fantastic idea....those like me can get a taste of the mods and learn while other more experienced users can learn about mods they aren't familiar with. Hope to see it soon!
  3. Randomsteve

    Randomsteve Active Member

    Wow. Thats pretty much all I have to say (Ok I guess we could throw epic in there to. :p)

    I already know how to use most all the mods, I understand most mods ins and outs and have played all the FTB maps. I have been using mods since 1.8 and no longer can play vanilla minecraft without going to sleep. Now with all this said, I would still play through this map just to see how you put things together. This looks very cool. Can't wait.
  4. Eino

    Eino New Member

    Thank you for making this map! This helps me and others to know Feed the Beast - as I am not very familiar with mod packs. :) Can't wait for it (but I can :D)

    (ps. thanks for putting my name into sign)
  5. Freightrain

    Freightrain Member

    I know half of what's going on overall, about, but I still think this is a great idea and I'd run through it in a heartbeat! Many thanks for making it; kudos to you ividito
  6. SyZzLe

    SyZzLe Member

    Lord knows I need something like this :)
  7. Pinkishu

    Pinkishu Active Member

    Looks nice :) I know the mods but would still love to look through it lol

    Even have a mod idea to make when I get around to learn modding ^^"

    Why arent you using monitors instead of signs? :3
  8. Eino

    Eino New Member

    I don't know, what them are, but that would definitely be better than signs.
  9. ividito

    ividito Member

    I do have monitors set up in other portions of the map, my goal was to maintain vanilla elements when possible to keep from overwhelming the player with "OMG what is this? What is that? How do I do that?" Before they get to that section. Most portalgun stuff is in a portalgun section. Twilight Forest is in a Twilight Forest section. Monitors is with the other ComputerCraft stuff, as well as anywhere past it in the resource collection section. I've actually just set up all the monitors I should need.

    On that note, anything to do with portals is done. This includes Nether, Mystcraft, Twilight Forest, PortalGun. I started the Workshop/Machinery Section, and have completed Iron Chests and started Buildcraft. From there, I tackle Thermal Expansion, followed by two mods that I still lack experience in, GregTech and Factorization. All together, the factorization is looking like it will be a mess. Release of anything will definitely not happen before this weekend, anything before next weekend is iffy.

    I'll see about more updated pictures soon.
  10. Pinkishu

    Pinkishu Active Member

    Heh ok, was just wondering since they are easier to work with and can hold more text imo :3
    Need any help with something?
  11. AlexUbel

    AlexUbel Member

    Looks really cool. Will be something I check out once its ready. I have a little familiarity with the mods, but not a lot of knowledge, and this would help me greatly.
  12. requiemmc

    requiemmc New Member

    great idea looking forward to seeing it.
  13. logoster

    logoster Active Member

    sounds fun, cant wait for realease, and i thought that the *cough*redpower*cough* part was funny, XD, but sersiouly, cant wait for first realease
  14. Eran

    Eran New Member

    cant wait!
  15. Belone

    Belone Active Member

    This is a really good idea, would be good for perhaps the spawn of a server, perhaps with a "Now what you're doing, walk this way" door, otherwise you can walk through a tutorial.

    Also off-topic you're screenshots just reminded me there are Item Frames in Minecraft (so used to playing a certain other modpack that is stuck on 1.2.5)!
  16. Wizaerd

    Wizaerd Active Member

    If this is an SSP map, then I for one am very anxious to get my hands on it. I have watched lots of LP videos with FTB, but have only barely started a world using it, and am probably not gonna be able to get to the good stuff for a long while...
  17. Greevir

    Greevir Well-Known Member

    I am in the same boat. FTB is really my first attempt at delving into modded Minecraft. I mean, I've always had mods. But they have always been cosmetic or QoL stuff (NEI, Inv Tweaks). This map (if done right) will be a great help to me since I know basically nothing about 90% of the mods in the pack.
  18. HickDead

    HickDead Member

    What a great initiative! I'm not new to most mods, but FTB adds some I've never used. So if it's finished I give it definitely a go!
  19. ividito

    ividito Member

    Alright, so as many know, Thaumcraft 3 is now out. Between this and school, release will be postponed to as soon as it is ready. Resource collection zone is mostly done, only a few more computercraft turtles to program. I split the workshop/other section into multiple branches, to better prepare players for starting strategies and whatnot. Thermal Expansion is one branch, and it is nearing completion. Gregtech/IC2 is another branch, and it's taking time. Factorization is the last section, and it's not even started, as far as tutorial stuff goes. All in all... it will be ready when it's ready.
  20. logoster

    logoster Active Member

    well if rp2 comes out before you finish, ill still wait, as it looks so epic

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