FTB Staff Changes.

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Jul 29, 2019
This is just a quick post to bring everyone up to date with some changes to FTB staff that have taken place over the last few days.

Global Moderator
Due to real life commitments and changes in circumstances, Florastar, Morvelaira and Alexandria have been replaced as global moderators. All 3 of these have played a huge part in making FTB what it is today and I hope everyone will join me in thanking them for their contributions over the last year.

Joining the team as global moderators are Vauthil and Lawbroken who have consistently proven themselves to be highly competent and active on the forums.

Wiki Team
Jadedcat has been removed from the wiki team and this is now being taken over by JinBobo. Jinbobo has been helping on the wiki for several months now and is contributions have been invaluable.

ModPack Team
Jadedcat has been moved onto the Modpack team with Wyld and will be working closely with him to help ensure that the quality of our packs in the future are of a high standard.

My understanding is that they want to recruit a team of testers to help out. More details of this will appear over the next few weeks.
Not open for further replies.