Problem FTB Overwolf App issues

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Dark Rosi

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Nov 27, 2020
Hello, Rosi here.

I am a fan of the modpacks, and i would like to see these projects succeed even further.
This being said, I am not making this post with malicious intent, but to spread awareness.

Ever since the forced Overwolf integration yesterday happened, launching Modpacks has been proven difficult.
I can't explain it well, because the process of launching Infinity evolved is just a bit bizarre.

After clicking on 'play' in the FTB app, the minecraft launcher opens up, prompts me to click on play, and after that, the minecraft launcher crashes.
So i wait a few seconds, i retry again, and the same thing happens once more, minecraft pops up and crashes, but the second time after minecraft crashes, the FTB app suddenly starts initialising Mods in the app itself. This process takes 8 whole minutes, but after that, the modpack opens up and it works just fine.

This entire process needs to be done every single time i try to open the modpack now, with both crashes, and it only working after the second crash for some reason.
But to make things worse, my friend can not open and play the modpack, no matter how many times she tries to.

Yesterday morning, things worked fine before the Overwolf integration, but after it, things are just crashing and not working properly.

I hope this issue gets addressed soon, and hopefully i can play with my friend again!
And thanks for reading this long post, much appreciated.

Love, Rosi
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Aug 20, 2012
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We are aware that there are a few issues with the latest App update, the team is working on squashing the bugs as quickly as they can, hopefully we can get the App to a stable place quite quickly. If you would like to help the team debug get in touch with them via the #ftb-app channel in the Discord, a lot of these bugs were not identified in testing and due to the huge variety in users setups can be quite difficult to reproduce.


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Dec 7, 2020
It's insane that the entire system would be moved at a time where the app is not stable. Good job!! Really thought it through!!