FTB One - Update 2.0

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Feed the Beast

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Jul 29, 2019

What's new: We set out with FTB One to bring you the latest mods that 1.19 had to offer. While the initial launch was a fun chance for players to cut their teeth on 1.19 offerings, the modded ecosystem has grown and expanded. Many new mods have been ported or released, and now we're pleased to be able to bring you the fully updated FTB One experience! We thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work of our community of mod developers.

Whether you're flying solo or jumping on a server with your friends, FTB One will allow you to explore all of the latest mods in a stable, well-curated kitchen sink-style pack that you can play the way YOU want to play!

See more about the Modpack on the Website.

You can get it now on the FTB App!