FTB Newsletter - March 2016

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    FTB Stream Team grows, and Infinity Evolved Skyblock Development.

    FTB Stream Team grows to over 45 members


    The FTB one community is soaring to new heights! With new Infinity Evolved Skyblock being tested for your enjoyment, we decided to select different streamers to showcase what we have in store. We give you the FTB Stream Team! With over 45 streamers and Youtubers, you can see the many successes (and epic failures) of the latest FTB packs.

    To see them live visit: http://www.twitch.tv/team/ftb

    Over $1000 Raised in relief efforts during our livestream charity event
    This month, the FTB team raised $1,102.00 for charity during our livestream charity event. Money from this stream will be sent to support relief efforts in Ethiopia, where the money will be used to help mitigate the effects of the current category one drought. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped by either being present or by donating.


    PAX South Recap
    We had an excellent turnout for the modded panel at Pax South, with Sacheverell as panel moderator and panelists Slowpoke, Direwolf20, Quetzi, Bacon Donut, and Lex Manos, the panel was both entertaining and informative.

    Special thanks to Fireball1725 for recording the panel and you can see it in its entirety on her youtube channel.

    Mod Pack News
    FTB has been hard at work testing and tweaking a new version of Infinity Evolved Skyblock. With both our Stream Team and Beta Team working on the project we hope to have this out to the public as soon as possible.

    For the latest news and developments check out anyone from the FTB Stream Team for live media coverage and follow @FTB_Team on twitter for all the latest news and updates.



    3rd Party Pack News
    This month's feature pack is The Ferret Business. A unique take on an HQM pack, with a complete light hearted story line to guide you in your journey.


    It's a fairly large pack, chock full of magic, technology, and nature. It is the sequel to a private modpack I created and maintained during 1.6.4 for a few small communities, but instead of just updating that, I decided to go the next step, making a public modpack for everyone to enjoy. But not just any normal modpack...each section can explain better.


    Content Creator Spotlight
    This month’s feature content creator is one of our newest members to the FTB Stream Steam - Kryllyk. Beyond the normal livestreams on Twitch, he has been doing an active Youtube series on Infinity Evolved Skyblock from the FTB One server.


    Be sure to follow on Twitch and Twitter, and subscribe on Youtube.




    Like to register as an official FTB Content creator?

    Fill out this form and let us know!

    Content Creator Application

    Build Competition Winner
    After Reviewing all the submissions this month we have chosen this incredible space station build.


    Created by Ivan (@DinckelMan) in FTB Infinity

    That is simply the outside. You can check out the full glory of this build at planet minecraft http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/space-station-v2/

    For winning this month’s competition Ivan will receive a custom FTB badge that will display ingame on his character whenever FTB Utilities is present. Congratulations!

    The competition will run each month with a winner selected at the end of each month. To get your submissions in, simply tweet out a picture or a video of your build to #ftbbuilds

    Enter today for your chance to win!
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    lol rip february newsletter
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    Can't Wait for Skyblock! Hasn't been a super popular sky block modpack for a while now.
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    You can make a skyblock world on reg Infinity and just add the Ex mods till they finish the skyblock build. Just go like your going to add in a superflat world and then delete all the layers. ( Make sure your in Creative) then add 0:1 into the line and enter. This will spawn you into a void chunk. Once in the world you can ether fly and use the command to spawn a block under you or you can just fall and die. The grave stone will form at y=1 and you can use that to start your platform.
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    Caaaaaiiigaaaaannnnn!!!! *Shakes fist*
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    We are looking for more packs to list. One a month is surprisingly hard to keep up with. But it has to be actively maintained.
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    Thank you all. =)
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    Our sincere apologies to @Gideonseymour, It was intended to have his resignation posted in the newsletter, but It did get overlooked in our latest post. We have enjoyed your work and your time that you have put in with FTB, and wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.
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