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    FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock Released

    April 1st marks the official release of Infinity Evolved Skyblock. The wait is finally over! Do you have what it takes to tackle the challenges of Infinity Evolved Skyblock? This time around there is no easy mode, only the expert mode. New challenges, and the additions of trophies await you in this long awaited skyblock modpack from FTB.

    FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock is a modpack designed to provide an extra challenge for any experienced Minecrafter. Work your way through new recipes, twisted game mechanics, and collect the rare and mysterious trophies! Warning, may consume a vast amount of your time.

    Be sure to grab your copy today on the Curse App or the FTB Launcher.
    Both are available at www.feed-the-beast.com


    Gideonseymour has retired from the FTB Team, and we wish him the best in all his future endeavours.


    This month's feature modpack is TerraFirmaPunk. Explore the ancient ruins of a long dead civilization and learn to master the Power of Steam while surviving starvation, dehydration, deadly cavins, dangerous mobs, zombie hoards, and evil boss monsters waiting around every corner.

    Be sure to check out the full version



    This month we would like to feature one of our own FTB Stream Team members Pulpjohnfiction!
    This UK streamer has one of the best raid games on Twitch, Play your funks right. And certainly worth checking out and a follow.

    Make sure to follow him on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/pulpjohnfiction
    And on Twitter: https://twitter.com/pulpjohnfiction

    Like to register as an official FTB Content creator?
    Fill out this form and let us know!
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  2. Kane Hart

    Kane Hart New Member

    The TerraFirmaPunk looks sweet. Not sure if I have the brains for something like it right now but I will for sure save it for later viewing / playing.

    I have a question and a request. Saying no straight up is perfectly fine.
    Can I have permission to use the scripts from Infinity Skyblock? I would like to make another pack with a different varation of the starting. I would also like to add a couple less known mods / used mods to help promote new ideas.

    I would give full credits and I would not title the pack with Infinity or Expert to not confuse players.

    I know you guys put a lot of time and effort into the recipes so I'm 100% fine if you say no.
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  3. Baconus_Yum

    Baconus_Yum New Member

    You know a mod that has really never been in much FTB Packs, and might be good for the expert Tech tree?
    Mekanism. Maybe you could add that to a custom modpack @Kane Hart
  4. webbster64

    webbster64 Guest

    hi there thanks for the speedy hot fix im buzy setting up a server but i would like to add the island commands to pex for the players instead of giving them all op for i know there wont always be a admin available to op them and the would be a spoil to the games experience is there a way and would you guys help please ?
  5. BlacKHeaDSg1

    BlacKHeaDSg1 New Member

    Now, full steam on FTB Unstable 1.9.2 (or .1) ?
  6. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    As one of the devs of FSP, it's very nice to see more modpacks using the mod! :D

    Flaxbeard's Steam Power is actually only available for Minecraft 1.7 right now. We do plan on updating to 1.9 straight away after we release 0.29, but with all of the fancy models and the general size of the mod, it might take a bit of time. :)
  7. BlacKHeaDSg1

    BlacKHeaDSg1 New Member

    :thumbsup: Keep up with a great job :)
  8. StudentX

    StudentX New Member

    Hey this pack is awesome!
    Just got a question about it though, for a couple of my friends the pack isn't showing up on the launcher. The launcher was reinstalled, and is updated to the latest version, but the Infinity evolved skyblock pack does not appear in the list? Is there anything that can be done about that? Putting a bit of a dent in our server plans haha
  9. Watchful11

    Watchful11 Forum Addict Team Member Third Party Pack Admin

    Could you have them upload their launcher logs? FTB launcher or the curse client?

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