FTB News - August 15th, 2015


Big Bad

Pack Updates:

Got a quick pack update this week. FTB Infinity 1.10.1 has been moved to a Recommended Build. You can download the newest copy of the pack from the FTB Launcher or through the Minecraft plugin on Curse Voice. The changelog for the pack is available on our website here.​

Pax Prime:

Feed The Beast is happy to announce our return to Pax Prime this August for the release of the first segment of our new challenge map series. Episode 1 - The Sentencing will be the first in a growing family of maps, currently identified as the Feed The Beast Trials, developed for the tri-annual FTB Pax tournaments. Participants will be invited to attempt to complete a plethora of herculean mod-based challenges in order to snatch victory from the looming jaws of defeat.

The tournament is currently scheduled for Saturday afternoon before the CurseForge dinner with a trial run being conducted on Friday. The tournament is open to all registered Pax Prime attendees and admission will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Stay tuned for more information including specific times, prizes, and additional news as we get closer to the tournament.​
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