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    FTB One Infinity Hard Mode:

    The FTB One Infinity Hard Mode celebrations continue through this weekend! Like the previous five days, we’ll be linking to streams and recorded videos created by some of the players on FTB One. If you’re interested in getting a good sneak peak at Infinity 2.0.0. before it’s release later this fall, be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest broadcasts.

    For the full player list, as well as a full description of the event, click here.

    FTB Trials – Episode 1 Submissions Closed:

    Just a reminder that October 1st was the entry deadline for the Trials online tournament! Over the next few days, we’ll be reviewing the entries and posting up the final results.

    Stay tuned!

    New Listed Pack : Banished

    We’re also happy to announce that we’ve added another listed pack to our Third Party tab on our launcher. Please welcome DrasticDemise’s Banished, everyone!

    Banished is a magic-themed, HQM-powered, dark fantasy modpack. As you explore a twisting world of infinite caverns and all-consuming darkness, players can build up resources and increase their chance of survival with powerful tools and weapons. The pack also features a robust progression tree with a strong Aura Cascade backbone and core gameplay mechanics tied to HQM’s Reputation system.

    Banished is currently listed on the FTB Launcher in the Third Party tab as well as on Curse Voice. You can learn more about Banished in DrasticDemise’s forum topic here.

    New Staff, New Website, and More

    We’ve got some additional exciting news: our family is growing and things are changing! Here's a quick word from FTB Founder slowpoke101:

    I am happy to announce that Rajecent from the Weallplaycast team has join the FTB Team taking on the role of Community Manager. Raj is going to be working with myself and the rest of the Core Team to continue to develop our upcoming Content Creator Program as well as various other responsibilities. Raj brings a lot of awesome qualities with him including his experience and knowledge of both the Youtube and Streamer communities along with his personal background which will help us as we move forwards over the next 12 months as we begin the preparations to move all of the FTB Packs over to the Curse Client and start the process of retiring the FTB Launcher.

    This leads me nicely into the new front page at www.feed-the-beast.com. Originally our plan was to move the forums over to a new web domain over on the Curse site, however our plan now is to keep the website at www.feed-the-beast.com. We have now moved over to the new front page that begins the process of integrating our forums over on to the Curse backend. Whilst there will be a few teething troubles at the beginning, this move is going to provide us with access to new tools and will evolve over the coming 12 months. We still plan to move over to new forum software in the future, however we still need to make sure that before we move the new software is going to be of an acceptable standard before making the move. There is no current ETA for this move and we will release more details as we have them.

    Finally for those of you that haven't had a chance to try it, you can now download the latest version of the Curse Voice client, directly from the front page. Whilst there are still a few features missing such as an offline mode and server files, the reports we have had back from the members of the community that have used the Client are mostly favorable with a lot of people recording noticeable increases in performance of Minecraft over the FTB launcher.

    We are still not quite ready to have the Curse Voice client be our recommended method of installation for any of the operating systems, however Windows is starting to get very close now and Mac should not be too far behind. For those that missed the Town Hall Q&A with Kaelten from Curse, with regards to Linux, a possible solution has been found and is being looked at, however it is still a bit too early to confirm what the actual method will be for the distribution of modpacks on Linux at this moment, again we will keep everyone updated as we get any new information.
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  2. dmaster8

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    Can't wait for FTB Infinity 2.0
  3. Rajecent

    Rajecent New Member

    Super glad to be here! Looking forward to it.
  4. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja New Member

    Whoa! A wild community manager appears! :eek:
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  5. Waisse

    Waisse New Member

    Where are the links ? I just want a video giving a solid preview of Hard Mode, I don't care about social medias, and it shouldn't replace the News on the website. So yeah, promote all you want for those interested, but remember there's people who just want actual infos and news without having to go on social medias and external website.
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  6. xbony2

    xbony2 WikiWorker Wiki Staff FTB Mod Dev

    You should probably have the website link to the wiki.
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  7. Firebats

    Firebats New Member

    Do you need any single player lan/local hosted server only games testers at all? If so my 18 year old son and I are willing to test away for you, we love this type of stuff.
  8. tfox83

    tfox83 New Member

    It was meant to be there all along not sure why it wasn't, but its sorted now.
  9. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member

    What'd be pretty neat is if the website set the download link to the proper OS, rather than just hard-codingly using Windows. Assuming you use JavaScript for it, you could do this by checking the oscpu property in window.navigator, then setting the download link based on that value.

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  10. BrickVoid

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    The other day, I received a new icon in my notifications tray for Windows 7 offering me a chance to reserve my free copy of Windows 10 but before I accept this, I need to know what FTB and Curse are going to provide help with regarding upgrading to this operating system, where it concerns mods or modpacks I currently use, as some users have reportedly have had compatibility issues with Windows 10 and I'm not at all sure if existing modpacks or launchers from FTB and Curse will continue to function seamlessly with it should I choose to upgrade.

    Cheers ...

  11. Firebats

    Firebats New Member

    I've been on 10 since the day it came out and haven't really had any issues with modpacks or Curse since it came out. That said each persons compute is going to be different.
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  12. Padfoote

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    Basically, there's a really good chance it'll work without issue. There's a handful of edge cases where the FTB launcher doesn't work for certain people, but you're more likely to have your Nvidia drivers (assuming you use Nvidia) cause issues than the FTB launcher not work.
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  13. dragon_fang101

    dragon_fang101 New Member

    It's been 11 days. I think we're due for an update, even a boring one.
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  14. tfox83

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    It will be a boring one! We are inching closer to release everyday. We have been power playing through the pack and adjusting recipes by the dozens every daily update on the FTB One server. I think we are approaching the halfway mark or maybe even a little past, but its really hard to say with the massive number of things that has been changed. We will release more details as we learn them.
  15. dragon_fang101

    dragon_fang101 New Member

    cool. that was my boring news. now I'm gonna hide in the shadows another week.
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  16. Aidoboy

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    The stages of sellout:
    1. We aren't going to use the Curse client until they support Linux
    2. We're going to move to Curse but we're going to keep the current client up until they support Linux.
    3. We might do something someday. Maybe.
    I'm sorry my reaction is a bit uncalled for, but you guys make me pretty mad with all this.

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