ftb infinity couses pc freezing and dosen't load worlds at restart


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May 30, 2022
Hi everyone, i am playing the ftb infinity modpack and recentlty my pc is freezing while playing and then, at the reboot the worlds don't load anymore taking me back to the main modpack's screen and i am forced to delete and reinstall it from the launcher. It hurts cuz if i don't do a backeup of the world everytime i'll lose all my progress. This happned more then three times and i am tired of reinstall the modpack everytime. I don't know if my world is too heavy, I played for a few months, my pc has a RYZEN 5 3400G CPU, 32gb RAM 2666mhz and MSI rtx 2060 GPU.
Here is a pic of the log and everytime i start a world it gives an error. Pls help meo_O


  • Desktop Screenshot 2022.05.30 -
    Desktop Screenshot 2022.05.30 -
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