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Whitelist Server FTB Infinity 1.2.0 private server - looking for players

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by BloodyError, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. BloodyError

    BloodyError New Member

    At this moment the server is closed for new players.
    hope it will be change in the future.

    So I'm running a private FTB sever for my own little community, a number of players who met in the CilantroGamer's server.
    Since then we are running two servers, a Vanilla server and FTB servers.
    (please don't ask to join the vanilla server, this one is extremely private)

    But however there is one problem - most of the players are too busy in real life and so the FTB server is empty and running for nothing and so this is why I'm here!

    I want to give a chance to other players to join us and play in a FTB private server, but I do have some requirements for you, so please read it:
    • You must be over 18.
    • You must be mature and responsible, which mean no childlike behavior and spam.
    • I would like to know which server have you played before, and what is your experience in any community?

    Before you go to post about your self, please read this aswell:
    • This is a private server, which mean I pay for it.
      I don't ask for donation and I won't accept any even if you ask for.
      All I'm asking from you is to be a fair player - no cheating, no griefing, no stealing and no abuse in other players.
    • The server is running by NodeCraft and located in Europe.
      If you're from the U.S I asume you'll have some lags.
    • The server have players from different locations all over the world, including Israeli players.
      This is a game, there is no place for those stupid arguments.
    • In the server please use Ender-pump only in the Nether, and please don't make any Mystcraft ages.
      You also should be aware that we have problems with BigReactor mod, might be fixed soon.
    So...let's go! tell me about yourself and have a good day!
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  2. iiisticksiii

    iiisticksiii New Member

    My names Matthew and I've been looking for a small tight community for ages and Id really like to join your server. I'm 16 which I know is two years under your requested age but I'm quite quiet on servers and usually just like to be involved in the community to help out and do different events with them. I'm pretty experienced with most of the mods in this pack and find them really fun to play with. I've played on a number of community's but they've either died out or been opened to the public and assaulted by younger/more immature/greifing players who have disrupted or damaged the community as a whole so I hope to get away from that. I've co run/moderated a couple of servers myself so I know the ins and outs of the process.
    I hope you consider my application.
    IGN:stealthapple141 - (I really need to change it)
    Country: Ireland
  3. BloodyError

    BloodyError New Member

    about the age - i wrote something about this but seem to be I accidentally deleted it...
    In the server we have youngs players so "age" is not a real problem.
    I just need to be sure that young players can behave.

    you're in! I'll send you the IP soon, the server is down at this moment.
  4. SixyKyon

    SixyKyon New Member


    IGN: 6the6real6
    Age: 19
    Location: UK

    Additional 'stuffs'
    I've been playing modded MC for quite some time now. During which, I've played with most mods, and like to experiment different play style to keep things interesting. So if there is any aid for mods needed, i'll gladly help where i can. As for server management, I've both owned, and aided management of servers, as such, i'm aware what sorts of aspects can cause issues, and maintaining an 'appropriate' level of usage.
    As for the religious/political aspect, i have ties to neither, nor objections. So free from issues there.

    Hope to see you in game,
    -Kyon :)
  5. BloodyError

    BloodyError New Member

    You're in aswell.
    Welcome to the server guys.
  6. SaadafTG

    SaadafTG New Member

    Hello!, my name is Nils olav ( IGN: Saadaf ) And i have been playing infinity in my singleplayer world for a while now, but after a certain time it started to get boring, I come from Europe ( Norway ) so English isn't my first language, Of course i try my best. I'm 12 years ( But more mature than anyone else that is 12 years old ) I will promise you that i will be mature. And you wont have any problems with the religious / political thing. I do get that we are not allowed to use mystcraft due to lag and other mods might not work due to problems.

    -Nils Olav.

    Skype: Nilsolav98

    This guy can proove im mature ( his skype aronvanwilligen ) he is 14 ore 15

    I wont be talking so much either, only when pepole ask me in the first place.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2015
  7. Zalanaar

    Zalanaar New Member

    Hey there, I recently got back into modded minecraft and have been focusing on Thaumcraft and Industrialcraft in singleplayer. I have never been involved in the management of any server and the last modded community I was in was Tekkit about 2-3 years ago, but I would be happy to research any mod I play around with to make sure it doesn't cause lag. I would also gladly help anybody where I can, though my experience with most of the mods is minimal.

    IGN: Zalanaar
    Age: 16
    Location: UK
    Skype: lachlan.mulligan
  8. skippypantz

    skippypantz New Member

    Hey, My names Matt I'm 16 (17 on the 28th) I was on a small server but it was then closed because there weren't enough people on the server. Ive played ftb for about 2 years on about 3 different servers but i had to stop for a while because of school and family trouble, i know a descent amount about the older mods and be more than happy to help if anybody needed it but i have not played infinity yet. Im looking foward to playing and re-learning and i hope to see you soon.

    IGN: matthewcraig12 (man i wish i was more creative back than)
    Age: 16
    Location: USA
  9. Goofyschooler

    Goofyschooler New Member

    Lets start out with my name, my name is Brandon, but in-game it is goofyschooler and i'm currently 17 years old. I've been playing Infinity for about three weeks and have reached complete endgame, but I'm looking to go slow and steady that way I can completely enjoy the mod-pack as a whole and be able to contribute to a community of people. I currently reside in United States, so I understand that if I was accepted I know that because of the server being based in England I will receive lag. Have any questions or concerns please let me know. Thanks!
  10. occelot666

    occelot666 New Member

    My name is richard my used id is occelot666 im 33 and from the uk, i have been playing for a few years in which time i have ran my own server and played on a few. I am down to earth, easy going, and willing to help with mods if someone is struggling if i can, just looking for a friendly community with people that just enjoy the game
  11. Anhrak

    Anhrak New Member

    Hey there,

    I'm Uri [this is also my IGN], 22 years old [damn... time goes fast] and am situated in the Netherlands. Since 2 weeks I've started playing FTB again and had spent my time in discovering the new mods that had been added ever since Ultimate in around 1.6.x, such as Tinker's Construct [which personally turned into my favorite, even above IC2 and ThaumCraft.

    I would like it to be a part of your server's community :). I've been on many other minecraft communities, in fact I've also been in the management at some of those [such as The Hive, I was a moderator there for a very long time], however I haven't played FTB on multiplayer yet. I used to play Tekkit very long ago, which was a bit the same, however those servers were mainly being spoiled by the overpowered content RedPower brought back then.
  12. mighty overlord

    mighty overlord New Member

    Hey all,

    I just wanted to introduce myself. My IGN is Mighty_Overlord, I'm 28 years old and I have been playing minecraft since the beta. I really enjoy meeting new people from all steps of life. I really like modded minecraft and truly enjoy testing out what is possible and changes to a new mod pack. I have played on a few other servers like CreepyCraft, Spartan and a few others. I haven't taken any responsible roles because the positions of admins, moderators and others are usually full when I join the server. My favorites mods on this modpack have to be Draconic Evolution, Applied Engeristics, and Botania. I always respect others and don't bring up politics, religion, race, sex or any other topic that lead to discriminatory response. I just love to play minecraft with others and I would love the chance to join this community and make it awesome. Thank you very much and have a great day.
  13. Krazyfan1

    Krazyfan1 New Member

    Ign jonathonspy
    18 years old, been playing Minecraft for a while now..
    ive played the old Attack of the B teamserver, Wackywold from crazycraft and i think a few others i can;t remember..
    i havent taken any big roles in servers before, and my favorite mod in this pack is Witchery, as you can become a werewolf (and unce it updates two versions a vampire as well)
    if i DID join, would there be any way to become a low level werewolf? just for the speed, size and step assist.
    i could deliver things between players rather quickly..
    thanks, have a nice day.
  14. bammagera127

    bammagera127 New Member

    Name: Justin
    Age: 19
    IGN: brantwn
    Skype: bammagera13

    I'v played allot of servers/modpacks, just kinda want to do something a bit different. I do have a good amount of server management. I use to run my own server back in the day. I haven't been part of a community, it would be fun to meet other people and play on the private server.
  15. SuperCookie

    SuperCookie New Member

    Name: David
    Age:16 (Sorry, I am under your "age". but i have a good behavior)
    IGN: oOsupercookieOo
    Skype: TNTapple1

    I'v been playing a lot of Modded server, but never recorded it. So i am thinking is maybe i shall start record this server for youtube!!! So plz let me join your server, Let me become one of your member.
    Ps: I always wanted to find Private , peaceful server to play on.

    Plz accept as soooooon as possible. :D thank you
  16. BloodyError

    BloodyError New Member

    Oh wow,
    Sorry for late respond, for some reason I didn't get any notification to my email...

    Anyway, i'll check the applications and hopefully i'll give you answers tonight.
    At this moment I can't check this :(
    To be honest with you, at first I thought to invite 5 players and so far i've invited only 4 players which mean there is only one place left.
    Since the server is very close to his limit, it's hard to me to change this and invite much more then 5 players because I don't want to invite too much players and then, when the server will exceed the maximum, i'll un-whitelisted players...
    I'll do my best and see what I can do to invite even more players :)
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2015
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  17. A_struct

    A_struct New Member

    Hey. I'm 'A_structural_D'. I'm 34, a student, and been playing minecraft since it first graced us with its blocky magic. I'm pretty chilled, like to laugh. Familiar with more or less all the mods - and like learning/researching. If it's big, automated, and in need of logistics, I'm on it :) That said, I really like doing aesthetic stuff too! I like my bases tidy, pretty, full of tech, filled with ridiculous resources, finished with flashy lights. Moreover, I'm pretty good company and like a laugh. Humbly, I ask you to consider my application...
  18. Hawari

    Hawari New Member

    Hi my name is Hawari I'm actually trying to apply for me and my cousin but I assure you everything I say here is true.
    The usuals.
    IGN:HawariAnsari and WafiJailani
    Age:14 and 15 respectively
    Contact: [email protected]

    About us:We've been playing Vanilla MC since 2009 I guess its a pretty long time if I don't say so myself.Despite our ages.We consider ourselves fairly professional and sometimes its fun to have some young ones in the mix.We both love modded Minecraft but most servers either have bad players or die off due to no interest in the mod pack anymore.We are nice people and like to help around especially when its vice versa ;).We both can do an array of mods from Thaumcraft to Draconic Evolution.We would be sincerely grateful if we get into this server.I promise we won't disappoint :D.Thanks for reading!
  19. BloodyError

    BloodyError New Member

    I apologize for my late response but I had some things to take care of in real life, and as I said in my last response – I had to check if it possible to invite much more players.

    Basically I was sitting a few hours now and cleaned the server. It might be the same map but I cleaned a lot of unnecessary data and so the server is better, but not the best.

    So unfortunately I still can't invite too many players, and as I said I'm not going to invite players and un-whitelist them when the server will reaches its maximum.

    For those who haven't received the invitation in PM – I hope you'll understand why I can't invite you, BUT if some players will leave or won't play much then i'll offer the invitation to the next player, in the list, if he will still be interested in.
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  20. SuperCookie

    SuperCookie New Member

    Today? PM?

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