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Whitelist Server frostis|FTB Direwolf20 1.7.x|EU|No griefing

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by P4k3, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. manteliukasx

    manteliukasx New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) Manteliukasx
    • Age 18
    • Language English, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Russian.
    • Where you live Norway
    • Do you use IRC? No
    • Have you read the rules? Yes
  2. Attelis

    Attelis New Member

    • Attelis
    • 16
    • English, Russian
    • Russian Federation
    • Nope
    • Yes, of course
  3. Mad_Mine

    Mad_Mine New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) : Mad_Mine
    • Age : 17 (18 in 3 days)
    • Language : English , Bulgarian
    • Where you live : Bulgaria
    • Do you use IRC? : Not in a long time , i didn't hade a reason to install it
    • Have you read the rules? yes
  4. GU_MindFreak

    GU_MindFreak New Member

    IGN: GU_MindFreak
    Age: 15- I understand this may be "young," but is it not the maturity level, not age, that matters?
    Language: English
    I live in the U.S.
    I rarely use IRC, but I have in the past. Also, I have primarily used TeamSpeak3, but will be open to obtaining Mumble in order to stay in touch and talk with players.
    Have you read the rules? Yes, and I understand them completely.
  5. Xrum

    Xrum New Member

    • In-game nick: Xrum
    • Age: 22
    • Language: English, Spanish and Catalan
    • Where you live: Spain
    • Do you use IRC? I've never used it :S
    • Have you read the rules? Yes!
  6. Mango1120

    Mango1120 New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) ChunkiMagz
    • Age 13
    • Language english
    • Where you live australia
    • Do you use IRC? yes
    • Have you read the rules? i have
  7. P4k3

    P4k3 New Member

    Sorry for the slow response, was worried I might have gotten too many players in too fast :)

    Mad_Mine, Xrum, ChunkiMagz, Attelis I have whitelisted you.

    MindFreak for some reason I can't whitelist you. I get "[10:34:56] [Server thread/INFO]: Could not add MindFreak to the whitelist"
  8. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) - LegitNeek
    • Age - 24
    • Language - English
    • Where you live - England
    • Do you use IRC? I can do, but I prefer using voice chat when in-game.
    • Have you read the rules? Indeed I have.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2014
  9. bunnaryben

    bunnaryben New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh): straitas
    • Age: 16
    • Language: English
    • Where you live: US
    • Do you use IRC?: Yes
    • Have you read the rules?: Yes
  10. GU_MindFreak

    GU_MindFreak New Member

    Hmm.. That's an odd error. You had "GU_MindFreak" correct?
  11. Thumboose

    Thumboose New Member

    In-game nick (d’oh): Thumboose
    Age: 20
    Language: English, Latvian, Russian
    Where you live: Latvia ( Near Lithuania and Estonia)
    Do you use IRC? No i don't use IRC but if needed i can
    Have you read the rules? Yes I have Easy and simple
  12. P4k3

    P4k3 New Member

    No, I was aparrently blind and read your IGN wrong.

    Whitelist added now :)
  13. Thondar1990

    Thondar1990 New Member

    • In-game nick: Thondar1990
    • Age: 24
    • Language: Danish and English
    • Where you live: Denmark
    • Do you use IRC?: No
    • Have you read the rules?: Yes, and i agree 100% with them :)
    I Hope you will consider adding me to the server, as i am looking for a good server with a good community to start my 1.7.10 minecraft adventures :D
  14. Primordium

    Primordium New Member

    in-game nick: zeca_maria
    Age: 27
    Language : English, Portuguese
    Where you live: Portugal
    Do you use IRC? From time to time.
    Have you read the rules? Yes
  15. Hirvio

    Hirvio New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) Leight
    • Age 20
    • Language English, Swedish
    • Where you live Sweden
    • Do you use IRC? yes
    • Have you read the rules? Yes
  16. M4rc97

    M4rc97 New Member

    • In-game nick : M4rc97
    • Age : 17
    • Language : English
    • Where you live : Scotland
    • Do you use IRC? Yes
    • Have you read the rules? Yes
  17. NeRealais

    NeRealais New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) - NeRealais
    • Age - 22
    • Language - Latvian, English
    • Where you live - Latvia
    • Do you use IRC? - Rarely
    • Have you read the rules? - Yes
  18. P4k3

    P4k3 New Member

    Sorry about not giving a response to the last couple of whitelist requests. Server had a influx of new users and we wanted to see that it wasn't too many new players.
    As it has gone some time since most of the requests Im gonna assume most of you have found another server to play on.

    However if you still are interested in having a whitelist give me a shout.

    There are more spots available on the server again now.
  19. wizkid515

    wizkid515 New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh)
    • Age
    • Language
    • Where you live
    New Zealand
    • Do you use IRC?
    From time to time
    • Have you read the rules?
  20. M4rc97

    M4rc97 New Member

    I wouldn't mind getting a spot of the server still, if theres space.

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