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Whitelist Server frostis|FTB Direwolf20 1.7.x|EU|No griefing

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by P4k3, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. P4k3

    P4k3 New Member

    Have been hosting servers under the frostis-name since minecraft 1.2.5. The servers has been down for a couple of months awaiting the 1.7.x-packs.

    Now when Direwolf20 has released his pack I decided to start a server again.

    Whitelist is enabled to ensure some background checks can be performed on people that wants to play on the server, hopefully this will avoid any griefing. Backups are being performed regularly . Map will only be reset if there is either an unfixable error in it or the players want a reset. Old world-files will be available to download on the website.

    • No griefing.
    • Treat other players with respect, uncalled for name-calling etc is not allowed.
    • Do not kill other players if they aren’t fine with a fight.
    • Do not steal from other players.
    • Do not spam the chat.
    • Do not use glitches. (That includes using broken items).
    • Only English in chat.
    • Maximum of one active quarry per player.
    • No quarries in the nether.
    • Put a sign up at your base with your nick.
    • Do not create new mystcraft worlds.
    Server settings
    • Advanced genetics abilities disabled
    • Hats mod removed from server
    • Morph is whitelist only
    • 1440min inactivity timer on chunkloaders - meaning they will stop chunkloading when you have been disconnected for 24h
    Server specs
    • Intel Core i7 3770k
    • 16GB RAM (4GB allocated to the .jar)
    • SSD storage
    • Ubuntu server
    • 100/100Mbit ISP @Sweden

    Server Address: DW20.frostis.se


    IRC: irc.undermind.net #minecraft

    Mumble: mumble.frostis.se

    World started: 2014-11-03

    Whitelist application should contain:
    • In-game nick (d’oh)
    • Age
    • Language
    • Where you live
    • Do you use IRC?
    • Have you read the rules?
  2. Ryuji

    Ryuji New Member

    In-game nick: RyujiPL
    Age: 33
    Language: English, Polish
    Where you live: Poland
    Do you use IRC: Nope
    Have you read the rules: Yup
  3. TwiiCe

    TwiiCe New Member

    In-game nick (d’oh):
    Dutch, English
    Where you live
    The Netherlands
    Do you use IRC?
    Not yet, but I would love to install it.
    Have you read the rules?

    I am just looking for a small community that hasn't gone viral. I like hanging out with friends more than being part of a huge server.
    good luck with the applications!
  4. xahoo

    xahoo New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) botaLP
    • Age 27
    • Language: English, Bulgarian
    • Where you live: Bulgaria
    • Do you use IRC? Nope
    • Have you read the rules? Yes
  5. P4k3

    P4k3 New Member

    RyujiPL, TwiiCe, botaLP - I have whitelisted you.

    Welcome to the server!
  6. Snaes

    Snaes New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) IamTilen
    • Age 22
    • Language: English, Slovenian, German, Croatian
    • Where you live: Slovenia
    • Do you use IRC? Nope
    • Have you read the rules? Yes
  7. P4k3

    P4k3 New Member

    Whitelist added
  8. Puraz

    Puraz New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) : Purazz
    • Age : 27
    • Language : Lithuanian and English
    • Where you live : United Kingdoms.
    • Do you use IRC? : Nope
    • Have you read the rules? : Yes.
  9. P4k3

    P4k3 New Member

    Whitelist added
  10. Zeth

    Zeth New Member

    • In-game nick PGZeth
    • Age 18
    • Language English
    • Where you live Romania
    • Do you use IRC? I have it installed.
    • Have you read the rules? Yes
  11. P4k3

    P4k3 New Member

    Whitelist added
  12. RoyalDarkness

    RoyalDarkness New Member

    • This is an application for both me and a good freind of mine...

    • In-game nick (d’oh) RoyalDarkness
    • Age 19
    • Language hebrew, english
    • Where you live israel
    • Do you use IRC? irc?
    • Have you read the rules? yes!
    • In-game nick (d’oh) RedbuLL20112001
    • Age 13 (but he's really nice and mature!)
    • Language hebrew, english
    • Where you live israel
    • Do you use IRC? sure
    • Have you read the rules? yes

  13. ChaoticPancakes

    ChaoticPancakes New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh): ChaoticPancakes
    • Age: 29
    • Language: English
    • Where you live: UK
    • Do you use IRC? No
    • Have you read the rules? Yes
  14. arranms96

    arranms96 New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) Arranms96 iOnlyUseMyFists
    • Age 18 18
    • Language both english
    • Where you live uk longdon and cheltenham
    • Do you use IRC? no but we can if needed
    • Have you read the rules? yes no griefing respect other etc.
  15. P4k3

    P4k3 New Member

    RoyalDarkness, Redbull20112001, ChaoticPancakes whitelist added.

    Whitelist requests seems to be pooring in pretty quick :)
    arranms96/iOnlyUseMyFists there seems to be a entry on your username on mcbans. Can you maybe shed some light on why?
  16. devil6luter

    devil6luter New Member

    • In-game nick: dardevil_luter
    • Age: 25
    • Language: English, Polish, German
    • Where you live: Poland (d'oh :p)
    • Do you use IRC?: Nope, sorry.
    • Have you read the rules?: Yes
  17. Crhymez

    Crhymez New Member

    • In-game nick (d’oh) Crhymez
    • Age 28
    • Language English
    • Where you live Germany(born USA)
    • Do you use IRC? I could but prefer TS or Mumble for coms
    • Have you read the rules? Yes (one question does the quarries in the nether include Ender quarries)
  18. DarkArvy

    DarkArvy New Member

    IGN : Nasalmirror1
    Age : 21
    Language: polish, Italian and English
    Where do you live: Italy
    Do you use irc: I used to use it, now I just have it installed
    Have you read the rules : OFC!
  19. P4k3

    P4k3 New Member

    dardevil_luter, Crhymez, nasalmirror1 - you have been whitelisted.
  20. DarkArvy

    DarkArvy New Member

    Sweet!! Thank you

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