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Open Server FoxCraft FTB | Ultimate v1.1.2 | 24/7 | 20 TPS | RPG | GP | 250 SLOTS | PvE | Rewards

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by isoboy007, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. isoboy007

    isoboy007 New Member


    Join our server IP on: FTB.FoxCraft.uk.to
    Website: WEB.FoxCraft.uk.to
    Our TS server: TS.FoxCraft.uk.to
    Running on: FTB Ultimate V1.1.2

    • A reset on the Nether, Twilight, End & Mining Worlds(every last Sunday of the month)
    • No Lag, we run 20 ticks most of the time
    • Great Staff, we choose the best players for our staff.
    • Enjin Website Connection
    • GriefPrevention (claim your own area)
    • RPG Elements, like mcmmo (works with mods)
    • Our own plugins to fix protection and dupes
    • Medieval spawn
    • Difficulty HARD!
    • Mining World (Get your resources)
    • E3 - 1245v3 with 1 Gb/s uplink
    • Hardware RAID SSD Storage w/ FastPath (700+ MB/s read/write speeds)
    • DDR3 ECC 1600MHz RAM
    • 160 Gbps DDoS Protection
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  2. isoboy007

    isoboy007 New Member

    The website got a new modern design now!
  3. isoboy007

    isoboy007 New Member

    We fixed more of the banneditems
  4. isoboy007

    isoboy007 New Member

    We made more improvents to the hardware and changed lots for donors!
  5. isoboy007

    isoboy007 New Member

    We moved to a PvE structure
  6. isoboy007

    isoboy007 New Member

    We have now new hardware
  7. Bob3104558

    Bob3104558 New Member

    FTB.FoxCraft.uk.to doesnt work, shows there's no server running on that ip
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2014
  8. NicholasFoxden

    NicholasFoxden New Member

    Awww. I had really been looking to getting in on some FoxCraft play. Sounds like just my kinda server. ;D

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