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Forestry Tree Breeding.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by TheLegendaryFoxFire, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Has anyone got into the Tree Breeding let? If so what are some of the ways to get new breeds of Trees? Which aare the bees that work better for breeding? Main goal is Ebony wood and the Sequoia Wood.
  2. bwillb

    bwillb Well-Known Member

    I tried to last night but haven't gotten very far into it. Doesn't help that NEI forestry plugin is broken now and the forestry wiki sucks horribly for new stuff D: So I gave up and just went and killed the ender dragon instead.
  3. Exedra

    Exedra Over-Achiever

    Hmm, i wonder if a regular full durability axe of the stream can chop a sequoia down... I'll be back with the results.
  4. Exedra

    Exedra Over-Achiever

    Almost 5 stacks of wood and 20 saplings later, the answer is yes. It didn't even use all that much durability.
  5. Greytusks

    Greytusks Well-Known Member

    I want to breed the trees too, but having to get the right bees to properly (aka fast) breed the trees is a pain that I didnt really want to go through.
  6. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S Active Member

    @Greytusks - just automate some bees, they may be even starting one and let them run for a while. If you don't want to get rural, industrious have also very good pollination, fast vs rural faster.

    For sequoia try starting with spruce and oak and then breed this line a bit, IIRC there are 2 other trees before sequoia.
  7. Oak and Spruce? Ok well try that. Do they have to be in any biome to grow/cross breed?
  8. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    Is it possible to breed for specific traits as well as changing species? Specifically, I want to produce super-high-yield apple trees. Any thoughts on how I would need to go about this?
  9. bwillb

    bwillb Well-Known Member

    Yes. From what I gather, you treat them exactly like you would bees.
  10. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    Hrmm. The logistics of intentionally breeding a trait from one species into another could be... difficult. Or not, I'm not really certain. Might be a simple matter of stripping the species you want to breed a trait into of leaves, one graft at a time, until you find a sapling with the proper mix.
  11. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S Active Member

    Biome doesn't seem to play much of a difference, I got to sequoia in Jungle, which isn't normal biome for line starting with spruce and oak. Traits seem to be possible, but I haven't played with it much, I got a lot of crossbreeds, but I just lava'd them. Main difference between bee and tree breeding is that in trees you only get full mutation, e.g. from spruce and oak you will get either spruce-oak hybrid or pure mundane larch. In older versions of forestry you could use sickle on leaves, but after 2.0 you won't get any drops using it, but water streams and logger work great for saplings/fruits. Small subjective observation - leaves mutate faster when you aren't looking at them ;).
  12. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr Popular Member

    What's the value of dungeon loot sourced Forestry breed saplings? Are they useful to breed or just junk space? I have...a lot of them (and never got a portal gun)
  13. I got a Mundane Larch sapling. What trees should that be bred with?
  14. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S Active Member

    Spruce, or oak, I had both. The result (bull pine) with larch will give you sequoia.
  15. Quesenek

    Quesenek Active Member

  16. Saice

    Saice Tech Support

    Off topic OP but I love your avatar.

  17. Haha Thanks :3
  18. AliasXNeo

    AliasXNeo Active Member

    Would it be possible to breed fast yielding saplings and then stick them in a Steve's carts farm for a farm on crack?
  19. Saice

    Saice Tech Support

    No idea. It really depends on if Steve's cart works with them. Ive noticed some mod saplings don't play well outside their mods. Like XLBiomes saplings have issues with fermenter.

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