Forestry Multi-Block Farms?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Bigpak, May 9, 2013.

  1. Bigpak

    Bigpak New Member

    What are the pros to using this instead of the old farms? How does the fertilizer in it work, does it speed growth in any way or is it just for it to function? Are these farms faster or slower than the old ones in terms of growth, and what ones are more power efficient?
  2. KhrFreak

    KhrFreak New Member

    major pro is the multiblock farms are being continued where old farms are not
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  3. Bigpak

    Bigpak New Member

    That is true that in future development of Forestry the old farms will be removed, yes but I never said I was going to update, I meant like how does it work, whats the difference besides size and all in one thing? The fertilizer is what agitates me the most, I cannot for the life of me understand if it even speeds up growth rates or what happens, or what it is even being used on. Any ideas?
  4. AliveGhost

    AliveGhost New Member

    I think they are quite cool. You can have multiple farms on the same multi block, like a vegetable, wheat and rubber tree Farm

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  5. bad wolf

    bad wolf New Member

    iirc, the fertelizer doesnt speed up the growth. it is merly an balancing factor, as the farm must use fertelizer (and water) to run
  6. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    Fertilizer usage is quite minimal with the exception of orchards. Since fertilizer is used up when the farm is harvesting an orchard goes through it like no tomorrow. It's not so bad with tree bred fruits because they are picked and have to mature again, but with apples it can go through fertilizer like a kid goes through candy.
  7. snooder

    snooder New Member

    The fertilizer is there to get it to work at all. Basically each crop needs a specific amount of water and a specific amount of fertilizer per tick for the farm to harvest/replant it. The amount of water can get pretty high if there is no rain. I've heard that it also needs something like 75MJ/t while it's working, but doesn't use energy while idle.

    Overall, I'd say the multifarms aren't worth it unless you farming nuts for seedoil. And even there, a pumpkin or melon farm with golems is less trouble to setup.

    If you need a farm, just use the MFR farms. They're pretty efficient and you can use any fertilizer type (bone meal, fertilizer, industrial fertilizer, etc) to instantly grow the plants.
  8. Lawbroken

    Lawbroken New Member

    The new multi bocks also help you with the new tree breeding and new trees.

    I maybe mistaken but i don't think the old ones allow you to use the new trees. Also you can add 4 different farms without one place rather then 4 different farms do the same job ;)
  9. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    Hey guys, how do you enable the recipes for multifarm blocks? I haven't figured it out.
  10. gattsuru

    gattsuru Well-Known Member

    They're enabled in any Forestry 2.x.x version, using the recipe and structures here.
  11. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    I'm using A- and they're not enabled. They won't craft and NEI shows no recipes.

  12. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    Just upgraded to

    Same problem.
  13. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

  14. gattsuru

    gattsuru Well-Known Member

    Crafting should work, even if NEI was borked. Do you have any SEVERE events in your log? Which pack are you using? Any mods you'e added?
  15. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    Magic Farm - Only mods included in that.
    There are some severe errors.
    2013-06-27 21:13:02 [SEVERE] [fml.ItemTracker] FML has detected item discrepancies
    2013-06-27 21:13:02 [SEVERE] [fml.ItemTracker] Missing items : {4093=Item 4093, Type forestry.core.items.ItemForestryBlock, owned by Forestry, ordinal 15, name null, claimedModId null, 4094=Item 4094, Type forestry.core.items.ItemForestryBlock, owned by Forestry, ordinal 3, name null, claimedModId null}
    2013-06-27 21:13:02 [SEVERE] [fml.ItemTracker] Mismatched items : {}

    Is it necessary for crafting them? I'll install them regardless.[DOUBLEPOST=1372364725][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Oh, my man! You are a gentleman and a scholar!
    Thanks so much. Everything works fine now~.
  16. immibis

    immibis New Member

    If you're playing on a server, you have different configs from the server.
  17. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    I wasn't playing SMP.

    And regardless if I was or not, technically the item would be available to craft, however taking it from the GUI would cause it to disappear and the crafting materials to be untouched.
  18. Kik

    Kik New Member

    Just a note Succubism. The reason Jaded's stated for not adding certain recipe pluggins to her pack is that they have caused unexplained (so far) crashes with her system. As an alternative recipe mod, she's included Craftguide that we can access with the G key in the Magic Farm pack .
  19. Succubism

    Succubism New Member

    Weirdly, CraftGuide crashed me on it's first use.
    I installed the NEI plugin and I've had no crashes at all so far and it's allowed me to craft a block that so far wasn't craftable.

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