Open Forestry backpacks don't pick up items.

Discussion in 'FTB Infinity Evolved Expert HQM' started by BrickVoid, May 21, 2018.

  1. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid Well-Known Member

    The Forestry backpacks, Mining Backpack or Digging Backpack, for instance, don't pick up items even though they are craftable in Normal Mode.

    This issue happens to all Forestry backpacks, could someone kindly fix this issue as it makes normal adventuring a big hassle.

    I don't know of a fix nor what the issue causing them not to pick up items is.

    Cheers ...

  2. Renatas

    Renatas Guest

    close game, delete Forestry backpack config, here you go ;) (It will create new one without bug)
  3. bbbower

    bbbower New Member

    having the same issue on a server I just joined, I'm new to the mod scene so I am hoping this is the right place to ask this.
    Not starting a new thread as this seems to be posted but is there any chance this or another fix can be implemented in an update? The server I joined believe that the mods of the pack may have intended the backpacks to not work simply because they don't work by default in config and said I should contact the creator if I think its a bug. Since it seems to be a config issue with a specific version I'd assume posting here would be more appropriate than on the github of the specific mod, or is there a better place for me to ask this?
    Thanks in advance
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  4. BrickVoid

    BrickVoid Well-Known Member

    It would be advisable to see if there is an updated version of Forestry that fixes this bug. To do that, simply open an issue on the bug tracker for the specific mod. If it's a known issue they should be able to point you to the workaround or fix for this issue, if one exists.

    Older versions of Minecraft don't normally have support continued for them so unless you know enough about programming to be willing to implement a means of fixing the bug yourself, there's not much chance the mod author will want to fix the bug.

    Cheers ...


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