Fire Emblem: Werewolf Edition (Game Thread)


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Jul 29, 2019
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The land of Tellius is inhabited by two distinctive races - Beorc and Laguz. Simply put it, Beorc are ordinary humans, while Laguz are humans that can turn into various creatures.

A long, long time ago, these two races got into a continent-wide war, which resulted in the the God of Dawn flooding most of the continent. Only one small part of it remains. The God of Dawn decided to trap the half of it, carrying his emotions, in a medallion, now known as the Fire Emblem. The other half of her, now the God of Order, went into a deep slumber. The Beorc and Laguz, scared of another similar incident, put aside their past and lived in harmony. For a few hundred years.

Recently, racial tension has arose again in Tellius. This has awoken the God of Order from his slumber, and has released the God of Chaos from the Fire Emblem.

Disappointed by the actions of the Beorc and Laguz, the God of Order decided to put them into one last test. He put a group of them in a village, and locked the gates. There is no way out now.

NOTE: Day ends at 9am EST. Which will be...
1pm GMT
9pm Singapore time
Go figure :p

1. Nobody - RNG-Screwer, Lynched N1
2. Vikestep - Sentinel, Wolfkilled N1, Revived N2
3. 016Nojr
4. Sorazodia
5. RJS - Reaver, Lynched N2
6. HeilMewTwo - Marshall, Killed N2

7. the_J - Wolf, Killed N2
8. Pizzawolf
9. Exedra
10. TheEpic
11. sgbros
12. Shazam
13. Pyure
14. Lethosos
15. SpwnX
16. Strikingwolf
17. Eruantien
18. trajing

Have fun ^^
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Jul 29, 2019
Well since you guys don't really care about rules (and I'm also done with roles)
Let the fighting talking begin!