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Feed The Patrick (FTP)

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by samoht2401, Jan 14, 2013.


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  1. samoht2401

    samoht2401 New Member

    I got just a small question : Why didn't you accept to distribut by any means the Feed The Patrick mod pack ? This custom mod pack is just like FTB but on 1.4.6 with RedPower2 Updated, Logistique Pipes and more. Ok, it's done by a French community (that's why my english is so bad :( ) but it's not a reason. I know it's maybe coming from nowhere for you but, it's really famous in France. You should accept them to distribut it by any means (by the official launcher, with an add-on, moddified launcher like them did...). I know you surely not care for Frenchman but it would be pretty nice.

    Anyway, for your information, I'm not someone of them serve, i'm just a follower of them. I hope you'll be interested in my proposal and care about French ^^. You can lock or drop this post if you want but I don't really think it would be nice for the goal of FTB launcher witch is for me : list mods pack witch are oriented to industrialization.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you'll understand.

    PS: If you don't know Feed The Patrick serve, look at #FeedThePatrick (on twitter) or at Youtube.com.

    PS 2: I think you already speak about that. But anyway, I'm just here to show some people are really interested in.
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  2. OmegaPython

    OmegaPython New Member

    Okay, the team said that packs can't just be small changes from any FTB packs, that's what the private packs are for. And also, there are FTB packs on 1.4.6 with RP2 and LP will be added when it is released by Krapht.
  3. Rakankrad

    Rakankrad New Member

    I'm guessing you're french, so I'll ask some questions in french

    Le mod pack as-t'il les authorisations requises? Pour pouvoir etre redistribué par l'equipe de FTB, ton pack doit avoir les permissions de tout les createur des mods qu'il utilise.
    Es-ce que le pack est seulement utiliser pour un seul serveur ou c'est un pack general? Si c'est pour un serveur, c'est legerement different. Sa utilise la fonction Private Pack. Je ne connais pas tout les détails sur les private packs vu que mon "serveur" utilise le pack de direwolf20.

    Et pour finir, je ne crois vraiment pas que le fait qu'il soit créé par des francais ai un impact sur l'inclusion du pack :p
  4. Greevir

    Greevir New Member

    I think Feed the Patrick was part of that hacked FTB Launcher Slowpoke mentioned in his stream. If it was, then this thread will lead nowhere and should be closed. And as Rakankrad said, it has nothing to do with being French. Nationality don't mean a thing.
  5. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 New Member

    No one cares what Nationality you are, really, that is certainly not the reason for Feed the Patrick to be denied (if it was denied)
  6. samoht2401

    samoht2401 New Member

    Thanks, now I know the reason and I didn't know there will be an FTB pack updated.

    Comme j'ai du le faire comprendre dans mon premier message, je ne suis ni le créateur ni l'utilisateur du mod pack en question. Je ne peut donc pas répondre au première question. Pour ce qui est du private pack, je ne connaissais pas son existante, cette fonctionnalité elle est récente ? Et comment le mettre en place, ou trouver des information dessus ? En tout cas merci de votre réponce.

    PS: The French argument was a joke ^^.

    If you think distribut a modified Launcher just to be able to distribut there pack (I think it has happened before the private packs functionality was released) is an hack, open your mind and think about mod of minecraft. Aren't hacks too ? I'm know people sometime refuse someone mod their creation but it wasn't a total rework, the name of FTB was appearing, it was like a advertisement (an ad). So don't take them like hackers, and remember that when the FTB team ask to them to remove there "hacked launcher", there do it instantanly. I think it would prouve that they are respectful person.
  7. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos New Member

    Yeah, even the "french" used google translation^^

    For the private packs, I need to admit that it is obscure, we now have an easy access to the button, but we have no idea on how to create the code to enter there.
  8. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 New Member

    this is pretty much the attitude of the Technic team :/
  9. cramsin

    cramsin New Member

    Eh? The FTB launcher is free to modify and distribute as you wish (provided copyright notices stay intact), it's released under the Apache open-source licence.
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  10. samoht2401

    samoht2401 New Member

    Maybe, but SlowPoke has ask to the Patricks to remove there modded launcher from the web.
  11. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 New Member

    The attitude of the FTB team is "get permission from everybody"
    The attitude of the Technic Team is "we don't need permission"
    Feed The Patrick seems to have gone down the second route.
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  12. cramsin

    cramsin New Member

    They have permission though, that's what a licence is for.
    The licence is also irrevocable, meaning that Slow can't tell them to stop distributing the code if they're following its conditions (though he can certainly ask them).

    Of course it's entirely possible there's some other issue, for instance if they're downloading mods from the FTB server I could see Slow taking offence.
  13. Bluehorazon

    Bluehorazon New Member

    Not sure which launcher they had spoken about, but the one they wanted to stop was looking too similar to the FTB-launcher. The point is although they can use the launcher and all it coding the visuals are not covered under that licence, and the condition to use the technical background of the launcher is to ensure that it can not be mistaken for the original FTB-launcher.

    So as long as they change the design in a way that alters the original impression of the FTB launcher greatly to make sure that nobody mistakes it for the FTB-Launcher they might use it, although it is still not the most polite thing to do so without asking.
  14. cramsin

    cramsin New Member

    The FTB team may want to clarify their licence then, as nothing indicates that the licence that applies to all other files in the repository does not apply to the 'res' folder (ie. that you cannot copy and build the repository 'as is').
  15. Molten

    Molten New Member

    So out of date with your opinion. But hey, why let that get in the way of a good old hate post.
    Just keep on spouting the same old dribble.
    Thankfully this kind of attitude is slowly fading away as everyone becomes one community and people begin to be better informed.
    You should listen to slows streams now and then and get up to date.

    As for the origional question before it got derailed into a poo flinging contest it's my opinion that if it was included then it needs to go down the route that every other private pack has to follow.
    But tbh it's a matter for the FTB team. Asking us if we want it or not is irelevant.
  16. samoht2401

    samoht2401 New Member

    Thanks all for your answers. But I had my answer since OmegaPython answer me.
    And thank to cramsin for the licence.
  17. Florastar

    Florastar New Member

    As the OP has recieved his answer, I will be closing this thread.
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