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Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by UniversalLP, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Mythos123

    Mythos123 New Member

    With the HQM Insanity map i have to manually start HQM Mode with /hqm quest but i don`t have permissions to do this.
  2. UniversalLP

    UniversalLP New Member

    Yeah, that's a common problem with HQM. Open the world to LAN and enable cheats. Then do /hqm quest
  3. Mythos123

    Mythos123 New Member

    Hm i play in the HQM version and im a little bit stuck i think.

    The second Quest "A redstone Paradies" needs an REther Pearl which needs Glowstone.
    I see that there is the possibillity to get glowstone through combining gold dust and Redstone
    but i can`t find any way to get Gold Dust. For an AE Grindstone you need Quartz and for an Macerator
    you need rubber and copper (which both are the rewards for this quest).

    Is there any other Way to get glowstone or an REther Pearl at this point that i missed?
    Im pretty sure that this should be the second quest because all others are unreachable yet.

    Also am i right that atm the HQM version is just be playable for the frst 2 quests because "Burn Rubber" what normally is the 3rd quest isn`t in the HQM Book.
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  4. UniversalLP

    UniversalLP New Member

    Ok, as it seems HQM didn't save the other quests I made. So that explains why Burn Rubber is missing.
    I remade the quests, and replaced the REther pearl with a redstone block.

    You have to redownload the config for the HQM map and replace it with the old one.
    (If you want you can also redownload the map. I added beds to the starting chests so you can set your spawnpoint. Because when you die you'll spawn in the void)
    I hope everything works then.
  5. Mythos123

    Mythos123 New Member

    Thanks for the fast support.

    I Really enjoy the map.

    But are you sure you linked the right version? when i follow the link to the 1.1 version it stil downloads a zip file named v1 and i see no change ingame.

    EDIT 2:
    Also in insanitiy v1.2 it is still an REther Pearl
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  6. ArmyHeLL07

    ArmyHeLL07 New Member

    i had to cheat to continue :'(
  7. UniversalLP

    UniversalLP New Member

    So I just checked and as it seems, I enabled the wrong quest file in the config folder.
    So if you redownload the config pack it should now (hopefully) show all the quests (I didn't change anything in the map. Just the config).
    And I probably will not change the REther Pearl in the insanity map since you can get glowstone from witches, it's just a little harder.

    And sorry for the late reply, I didn't see that you edited your post :p
  8. ArmyHeLL07

    ArmyHeLL07 New Member

    can i add thermal expansion for my self? i cant make generator because need tin and tin you can get from i think burn rubber quest but i really really need tin :p (any how you guys know how to get energy?)
  9. UniversalLP

    UniversalLP New Member

    I don't think there'll be a problem with adding mods, except some items might be missing EMC values.
  10. ArmyHeLL07

    ArmyHeLL07 New Member

    yeah i noticed that you going to update the insanty map? because theres lots of stuff is missing from beggining :/and i dont know how to get energy i tried everything i can think of but i just cant
  11. UniversalLP

    UniversalLP New Member

    You mean the HQM Insanity Map? I reuploaded the config it should show all the quests now.
    There is a way to get power it's just not how you usually would do it.
    If you want to know how to do it look in the spoiler
    First you have to get coal by making an Energy Collector and putting a piece of redstone in it.
    Then grind up the coal into dust (You can only get the Applied Energisics Grinder if you downloaded the new config.
    Then use the coal dust to craft a single use battery. They can be put in the energy slot of IC2 Machines.

    Also I noticed that the quest book won't accept the cropnalyzer and the MFE I'll try to fix that
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  12. ArmyHeLL07

    ArmyHeLL07 New Member

    i was saying the normal insanity map not the hqm one :D but i never thinked of single use batteries thanks :)

    EDIT: so the new config you are talking about... where is it? i downloaded the v2.3 config pack i didn't see it and definetly i cant make quartz...

    oh and you cant make glowstone at the start so how do you think to do energy collector? (i cheat my way :p)
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  13. UniversalLP

    UniversalLP New Member

    The new config is only for the HQM map (Which changes one quest reward to give you quartz). You can download it here.
    But as I found out you'll need the grindstone in the normal insanity map aswell (For the coal dust to make single use batteries).
    So I added quartz to the reward chest of "Where their story begins". Now you could either get glowstone by killing witches or with the grindstone.

    Hopefully everything works now :D
  14. ArmyHeLL07

    ArmyHeLL07 New Member

    lets hope so :D
  15. THEminer72

    THEminer72 New Member

    what mods
  16. UniversalLP

    UniversalLP New Member

    This is the current modlist. Other than the mod versions it should be accurate
  17. RandomStranger

    RandomStranger New Member

    Nice to see a 1.7.10 version of the pyramid map :) btw in my world, the interdiction torches doon't block the spawns of mobs so sometimes mobs spawn and get shot far away and mob drops sometimes randomly appear on the island i built, also, a creeper somehow got shot into the ship on top, might post a problem for others

    Edit: Dangit, it happened again, got blown up
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  18. UniversalLP

    UniversalLP New Member

    I think this happened on the original map aswell. You'll have to light the pyramid up by yourself :p
  19. MattaBase

    MattaBase New Member

    That is why we changed the Pyramid to Mushroom Biome. =)
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  20. UniversalLP

    UniversalLP New Member

    Oh, I didn't now that :D
    Now the pyramid should be in a mushroom biome.

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