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[Feed the Beast Monster] Can't make a lan server?

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by DrOctoganapus8, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. DrOctoganapus8

    DrOctoganapus8 New Member

    Hey guys, so I searched for a while and couldn't find any threads about this(Sorry if there has been a bunch :eek:).

    Basically, I'm trying to play on lan on Feed the Beast Monster with my girlfriend. She is sitting right next to me with her laptop, and when I make a lan server she can't connect. But when she makes one, my game doesn't even register that she is open to lan! It just keeps saying "Scanning for games on your local network.."

    Can anyone help me?? Thanks!
  2. Multaan

    Multaan New Member

    My first thoughts would be to double check the firewall settings. The quickest way to see if the firewall is causing the issue is to temporarily disable it and try again. If it works, then you need to adjust your settings.

    If it still doesn't work, then I would be looking at your network settings. I once had a similar issue when minecraft attempted to use an IP6 network address (which is activated in windows by default). Ensure that both computers are using IP4 and are on the same network, I won't post instructions as I don't know what operating system you are using, nor your level of computer expertise.
  3. DrOctoganapus8

    DrOctoganapus8 New Member

    Disabling my firewall worked!! And thank you for the fast response!! However, what is it that i should be allowing through the firewall? The feed the beast launcher? Minecraft?

    Im running on windows vista by the way!
  4. Multaan

    Multaan New Member

    You should allow Minecraft through the firewall... Or to be precise: Javaw.exe
    Given the simple nature of the native windows firewall, you should be able to set a rule for the Java executable. You may need to allow both outgoing and incoming connections, as I am not certain how minecraft handles the packets.

    Additionally, there may already be a rule that will deny any incoming connections for javaw.exe. If so? you will need to disable that rule as a DENY will always override any ACCEPT rule. There are many online resources detailing how to set rules for the windows firewall. If you are using a 3rd Party firewall, please refer to the documentation for that software.
  5. DrOctoganapus8

    DrOctoganapus8 New Member

    Worked like a charm! Thanks a bunch!

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