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Whitelist Server Feed the beast mindcrack server join (whitelisted)

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by jake9634, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. jake9634

    jake9634 New Member

    This is a mindcrack survival server for youtubers only. It is a chance for a ftb survival multiplayer series.
    It's a little bit like the mindcrack feed the beast server.

    1. NO griefing (you can prank people)
    2. You MUST make a survival series
    3. You must have a YouTube channel
    4. Don't be a jerk
    5.No cussing
    6.Have Fun

    (not required) Skype:
    in game name:
    YouTube channel:
    how long have you played minecraft?
    will you record?
  2. bbluebull12

    bbluebull12 New Member

    (not required) Skype:bluebull12
    in game name:bluebull12
    YouTube channel:i do not have a youtube channel atm but i am makeing one and going to be makeing vids
    how long have you played minecraft? 2years
    will you record?Maybe
  3. Andrew Harvey

    Andrew Harvey New Member

    age: 15
    (not required) Skype: aharvster100
    in game name: aharvster100
    country: U.S.A
    YouTube channel: aharvster100
    how long have you played minecraft? Since beta 1.8
    will you record? Yes
    Also, if you could, and if I get accepted, send an email to [email protected]? :D
  4. jackxiandunn123

    jackxiandunn123 New Member

    age: 13
    (not required) Skype: jd23ize123
    in game name: jackxiandunn123
    country: England
    YouTube channel: jd23ize
    how long have you played minecraft? for a 1 year and a bit
    will you record? Yes
  5. Xive

    Xive New Member

    in game name:Xive
    YouTube channel:itsxive,croakaingames,croakainva (uploading on croakaingames)
    how long have you played minecraft?: since minecraft alpha 1.1.4
    will you record?: Depends if I get my mic fixed, there's a huge static-ey glitch with it.
  6. RandomBlocksGaming

    RandomBlocksGaming New Member

    (not required) Skype:RandomBlocksGaming
    in game name:ICON_ELEMENTZ
    YouTube channel:RandomBlocksGaming
    how long have you played minecraft? I have played minecraft since beta and I have been playing FTB for about a month just getting use to it before I record so I don't look that much of a noob
    will you record? yes but if anybody needs help or wants me in there video I will do that as well.
  7. eric gardner

    eric gardner New Member

    age: 31
    Skype: Foxcroft32
    IGN : Foxcroft23
    Country: VA, USA
    YouTube channel: Will provide when I start making videos
    how long have you played minecraft: 3 years this fall
    will you record?I wanted to make some How To videos of my creations
  8. filliph33

    filliph33 New Member

  9. TristanGonzalez

    TristanGonzalez New Member

    (not required) Skype:thstgamingpro77
    in game name:ThatGamingPro77
    YouTube channel:thatgamingpro
    how long have you played minecraft? 2 years
    will you record? maybe
  10. MeesLursen

    MeesLursen New Member

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Mees,
    Age is 15 (nearly)
    I live in Holland (The Netherlands) On the right of Germany and left of the UK. I speak English very well (some people think I'm American, no bluf) so that is no problem.
    Skype is mees.lursen
    and YT channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/DDRSilverGaming.

    I'm not big at al but I want to grow , I played FTB alot on my own but never recorded it. I will definitely start a series on the server (maybe a Multiplayer LP).
    I have played Minecraft for 2 years and FTB (and Tekkit) for 1 year. I'm quite mature for my age (If I can say that about myself).

    Hope you enjoyed reading my application, and I hope you let me in.
    ^^ Thanks a lot, Mees
  11. CaptainT_Perry

    CaptainT_Perry New Member

    age: 16
    (not required) Skype: CaptainT_Perry
    in game name: CaptainT_Perry
    country: USA
    how long have you played minecraft? Since Beta 1.0
    will you record? Yessir

    I never really have played anything else but Technic packs and FTB Packs... None of that Vanilla stuff
  12. Xaidan12

    Xaidan12 New Member

  13. A2412

    A2412 New Member

    Age: 13
    in game name: A2412
    country: Canada
    Channel: http://www.youtube.com/flashfreezegaming
    How long have you played minecraft: since 1.3.2
    Will you record?: Yes

    if im accepted then can you also add my friend/youtube partner?

    Age: 13
    in game name: woofgamer
    country: canada
    Channel: (same) http://www.youtube.com/flashfreezegaming
    how long have you played minecraft? since 1.8 beta
    Will you record?: ... yep
  14. Sky Stuart

    Sky Stuart New Member

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  15. CulDoes

    CulDoes New Member

    age: 14
    (not required) Skype: culchannel
    in game name: CulDoes
    country: UK
    YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/culdoes
    how long have you played minecraft? 4 years and a bit
    will you record? Yes

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