Far Cry 5

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Bishnu Gupta, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Bishnu Gupta

    Bishnu Gupta Guest

    Anyone been playing it? I recently completed COD WWII and now thinking to play this. What's your feedback on it?
  2. kimipwnz

    kimipwnz Guest

    did not like at all, for me the beloved part was the third.
  3. Stogo1003

    Stogo1003 New Member

    Playing Flappy Birb
  4. Stogo1003

    Stogo1003 New Member

  5. aliovalio

    aliovalio Guest

    Hi, i will try this game soon :)
  6. akifkoyucu

    akifkoyucu New Member

    far cry 3 op
  7. stevin42542

    stevin42542 New Member

    Im loving it, it’s basically the same game as the previous ones but I think that’s what people expect it’s a fun game, the characters are amazing, the villains actually feel more like people you would see in real life since they already exist all around America. Plus they are kind of intimidating.

    When I killed my first villain John the main villain shows up and gives a speech about how people misunderstood his brother who I killed and that he was going to do everything in his power to avenge him.

    In that scene I did kind of feel sorry for him because he lost his brother but also felt a little worried because I knew he was going to come after me harder than ever.

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