Bug Extra Utilities and EnderIO want work together.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by repka3, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. repka3

    repka3 New Member

    A pics it's better then 1000 words. I was excited by FTP direwolf20 coming from youtube series, i download everything from you luncher client and server, i want to do everything like youtube series. After some hours spent gaming, this is the result.
    Then from nervous i opped myself try to made 20 sagmill and every generator from extra utilities. No one work, only generator from enderIO work with enderIO. And please do not ask me "what you configured, what you do server side, what blabla. Just downloaded server and client from FTB luncher. That's all.

    Nice wasted hours.
  2. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

    Make an energy conduit and put it between the generator and the sag mill. Not sure why it's not working as you have it, but the entry level energy conduits are cheap.
  3. adamich

    adamich New Member

    1. Versions of RF API conflict beetwin them. May be. So energy conduits will help U. May be.
    2. Do U configured SAG Mill?
    3. Do U check it in single?
    4. Do U tryed REDOWNLOAD server/client?
  4. repka3

    repka3 New Member

    Yes with energy conduit it's work ! :)
  5. repka3

    repka3 New Member

    1) Yes indeed it's work. Do you have any idea about how to debug conflicting api and resolve them ?
    2)I double checked that's all side has "none" also tryed push,pull,push/pull and also disabled just in case. But this is for storage push/pull purpose, nothing to configure about energy, you just create sag mill and place energy.
    3)Yes, just tryed, same behavior.
  6. adamich

    adamich New Member

    only mods autors can do this.
    on als: its a life. try downgrade mods. it will help.
    (and I dont know non conflict versions)

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