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Jul 29, 2019
Welcome Evolved Gaming Communities very own public Horizons Server.
Our IP is
Host name is EvolvedGaming.PlayAt.CH
We are on the Public v2.1,1 Horizons mod pack.
The only disabled items are those that are known dupe exploitations, and grief prevention bypassing.
Due to our size mystcraft is not open to anyone on the server for use (at this time)
Server is set to Hard difficulty because all others are too easy.
Our rules are very simple.
- No Bullying
- No Hacking
- No Arguing With Higher Ranks
- No Begging
- No Item Spawning (unless you have the perms.)
- No Abusive Language In Chat
- No Spamming Chat
- No Abusing Your Ranks
- Don't Harass Owner/Admins
- No Sexism/Racism

Now to the fun part.
We are a brand new server that has been running for about 1 week.
Our spawn has been finished as well as an area made for public shops to be set-up.
Our owners enjoy the Tropicraft mod, so that is what our spawn is themed after and we hope you enjoy it.
Our group of owners are very relaxed and will be playing with the community.
Overall we do not tolerate rule-breaking. You will be given warnings depending on the severity; however, in our quest to make and amazing and fun server we will not allow people to ruin others experience.

This server will never be a pay-to-win server. period.
Again, we look forward to seeing you all.
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Jul 29, 2019
Just wanted to make an announcement.

We apologize for the permissions issue as anyone who joined will know.
A plugin went AWOL and screwed up some permissions but it has been fixed.

There is no sign-up needed to join the server just join in an have fun.
Currently our staff is small and we are all busy with college but we are all active throughout the day and night during the US EST times.


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Jul 29, 2019
I doubt this server even gets looked at anymore, but I'm getting an error of tile.blockCandle not found, which makes it seem like it's not even running Horizons anymore?