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Casual Server [EU] Agrarian Skies 3.1.1|Whitelisted|Restart after ban|Hardcore

Discussion in 'Agrarian Skies' started by Fablenable, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Fablenable

    Fablenable New Member

    Am about to start up a new Agrarian Skies 3.1.1 Server. This will be the first AS server I run and this first try should be considered BETA.

    I will try to keep it stable and have no restarts etc. But it is not entirely sure that it's possible. ;) The server is on a host in France, but the language on it will be english. I have been running servers on this very same setup before. We ran a Bukkit server a few years back with 100 people online at the same time. I ran a Mindcrack server on it with 20+ people online for quite some time.

    Usually when I start a new map/modpack/server I try to find people that can behave like responsible and fun people. I do not care if they are five or sixty five, immaturity comes in all ages. I just look for people that are cool to hang around.

    The server is up now, and I am just finetuning some settings. I believe I can start letting people in during this weekend, without any big hassle (famous last words).

    The server is running the modpack and some extra mods (serverside only) for easier administration. Such as handling of the creation of islands and zone protection.

    I have disabled the warpbook creation. Other then that all other items are still ingame, and will be until proven that it doesnt work to have them. I have seen servers that have banned all sorts of items. But we shall try to keep them in.

    So here is some of what you can expect:

    - Hardcore mode on, when you run out of lives, your banned. I'll unban people and reset their quests, but you have to restart your island aswell. If you get banned, post a message here or mail me, address is in the game.
    - All teleports have timers, you will not teleport out of dangers or falls. If you do, it's a bug and should be reported :p.
    - You will be able to control your biomes using menus. I have not yet decided what biomes to keep, but for now, there is Forest, Desert, Ocean and Plains. I might also allow you to change per chunk to have several different within your island.
    - There will be no perks, no rewards etc. Outside what you get from the quest book. There are no votings or shops.
    - Difficulty is set to 3 in the server config, which equals ouchie.
    - Creeper, fire and lava damage is enabled. Only lightning firespread is off, because you cant really protect against it.
    - Multirewards are disabled. If you'r in a party you have to share the rewards.
    - If you dont visit your island in 14 days, it will get purged. If your going away or something for longer, you have to tell before you do.
    - I have no scruples when it comes to deleting items that are just dumb. If server lags, and you setup a chunkloader beside your autospawner, that will create more lag, I will delete it. If you build a dirtwall next to someones island that just looks crap, ill delete it. And so on.

    Rules are:
    1. Use your head.
    2. Use your common sense.
    3. Respect others.
    4. If you think you might be breaking a rule, you probably are.
    5. If uncertain @4. Ask.
    6. We might vote about stuff, but that does not mean it's a democracy.

    No tolerance for asshats.

    And as stated in the beginning, consider it BETA when you join. It might very well get restarts in a week or two when it's been tested. But we shall try not to.

    IP will be given when you have applied and got accepted. People that played my old servers will get free pass in.

    I'll aim for 10 active player as a first milestone. Then we shall see how to proceed.

    Apply with some details about yourself. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  2. rockhog

    rockhog New Member

    In game name: rockhog
    Age: 16
    Have you ever been banned: Yes
    If so what for: Because the admin on another agrarian skies server was over reacting to a little joke I said. He was being a jerk, and banned me. I did nothing wrong, but he was still being rude and bringing it up after I told him multiple times to drop it.
    Timezone: UTC -06:00 Central Time (US & Canada)

    If you accept me, my skype is robertwagner98
  3. JesusTheAlmighty

    JesusTheAlmighty New Member

    In game name: CharizardScorch7
    Age: 16
    Have I ever been banned: Nope
    Timezone: (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

    If you need. I can give you my Skype details.
  4. JesusTheAlmighty

    JesusTheAlmighty New Member

    I probably shouldn't try and do a speed run haha.
    Can I please be unbanned :)
  5. Fablenable

    Fablenable New Member

    You have been reset
  6. tommypoint

    tommypoint New Member

    Gamertag: tommypoints
    Age: 40+
    Have I ever been banned: Nope
    Timezone: Eastern USA
  7. Fiery

    Fiery New Member

    IGN: FrostyCub.

    Age: 17.

    Timezone: Victoria, Australia (GMT +10.30).

    A little bit about myself: I enjoy playing Garry's Mod and Minecraft, but will other games from time to time. I also enjoy watching anime, talking to people with common interests, and reading. I don't watch sports, and listen to some music, but don't pay attention to artist/band. My favourite food would have to be skittles. I am also part German, and can speak a little, as well as a little French.
  8. JesusTheAlmighty

    JesusTheAlmighty New Member

    Could my brother and I please be unbanned
  9. Fablenable

    Fablenable New Member

  10. DrShark12

    DrShark12 New Member

    in game name: DrShark12
    Age: 18
    Have you ever been banned: No
    Timezone: United States: Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00)
    A little bit about myself: Familiar with the Argarian Skies Pack, Basic knowledge in Blood Magic, and basic mods such as Tinker's Construct. I would very much enjoy a small server, more of a lone kind of person. But I would gladly help if asked!
  11. AdaptiveStrike

    AdaptiveStrike New Member

    IGN : AdaptiveStrike
    Age : 27
    First time playing on an openish server so no real time being banned.
    -8 UTC

    Been playing with a few mod packs here and again, Moonquest, Yogcast complete, AG Skies kinda know my way around stuff but there is still a lot to learn.
    Also side note is there a VOIP program you yourself use? or maybe one we can all chill on when playing.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2014
  12. ThatRandom_Guy_

    ThatRandom_Guy_ New Member

    IGM: crr97
    Age: 16
    Have you ever been banned: No
    Timezone: GMT+/--1:00

    *Random Info* I'm quite familiar with a lot of the mods in most packs... I myself have been playing minecraft for say 2-3 Years, quite literally bounced around packs looking for a keeper, but that cant just be me...

    -Edit Forgot one last thing if my Skype account is needed lets just say I don't plan on giving it out but that's just some random thing.
  13. OldDogy

    OldDogy New Member


    IGN: OldDogy
    Never been banned
    TimeZone: UTC+1
    I'm 23 years old Looking for a nice mature community to play around have fun, meet people.
    I'm up for Co-Op, or competition... this pack is afterall all about expanding your mind and using every single bit of it to create something new :)

    Used to play AG on a friends server with 2 friends, we got to 40% of quests done and the world got corrupted :( Now i just want to find a server where i can get up to 100% without anyone placing down an "ender block" -.-'

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