(Epic) Minecraft fails

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Mar 3, 2014
Riga, Latvia
Thread for sharing moments when something in the game goes wrong due to its mechanics...

Recent one of mine: found a pyramid, decided to get the treasure. Started digging down to the chests. Didn't notice a skeleton there. He noticed me and started to move, triggered the pressure plate and TNT went boom. Rest in pieces, treasure :(


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Oct 20, 2013
Was exploring an extreme hills cliff side looking for an astral sorcery temple when I cam around a tree to find a creeper. I jumped in my chair and hit the space bar in the process. Creeper went boom a I respawned back at home after a thrilling 40-50 flight back down to sea level. Lost all the goodies I'd found during my travels.
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Was setting up a chicken farm from scratch, breeding chickens and growing them until I have a lot of them in a pen with a ranged collector to collect the eggs. I was carelessly jumping and running around and I took neglectable fall damage, but I forgot that my Construct's Armory armor had electrum which charges every time I take damage, and after it gets fully charged, I release an energy blast the next time I take damage again. Well, I jumped inside the chicken pen containing 10+ chickens and baby chickens, then took fall damage and killed every chicken inside.


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Jul 29, 2019
Back during the original Equivalent Exchange 2 days, me and the destruction catalyst had all sorts of fun, usually at the expense of a few chests full of something. There's a reason my Minecraft Forums signature is "So there I was, knee deep in cobblestone for the fifth time that day". One time, I managed to take out a good chunk of my obsidian factory with it.

More recently, I had my first Thaumcraft 6 "I did a stupid and now the flux levels are sky-high". Cleared a full jar of herba, wondered why I kept taking damage any time I went near my essentia/infusion area. Half an hour later, I finally go topside (I have a tendency to build cave-rooms just under the surface). "Oh. That large blob of tainted ground that wasn't there last time probably has something to do with it".

Then there was the time in 1.10 where I was having the hardest time finding mushrooms. I eventually found them in a precarious platform in the nether, and I think to myself "ok, need to be careful getting back". 30 seconds of trying to find my path back to more solid ground, and something (I think it was a nitro creeper) surprises me and I fall into the middle of a lava sea below. The gravestone mod did not help at all that time around.