Open Server EmeraldCraft: 24/7 40 slots. + Teams Speak (NO LAG) ALL BUT ONE MISSILE

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what extra mods to you want?

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Jul 29, 2019
Website: To come

We just changed from dw20 pack because of a block glich issuse the server will be up soon we are sorry for any inconvinience and hope you don't judge the server
Your Owner : megadestroyer
1. No griefing spawn, swearing (excessively), spamming (chat/commands).(Bannable)
2. No use of illegal mods such as: xray, fullbright, fly, speed, etc. (Bannable)
3. No use off illegal modded clients allowed: Nodus, Vanity, etc.(bannable)
5. Luring people is aloud so anyone out there be warned about traps.
6. Be respectful to all players. Respect goes two ways.
8. Respect and listen to staff, If they are Rude or anything else report them to a higher rank. 9. If we like you cause you have been on alot or

Faction Rules:
1.Don't Raid Unless at war.

2.Only Fight In The Twilight or you could be jailed
A New note: Please do not advertise on this server, because people who like it won't be able to play on it if everyone goes because this server isn't free. We had a nice comunity on dw20 and we would like that here as well.
-Factions(to come)
-Spawn Area
-Kits(to come)
-Economy and Shops!(to come)
Banned/Disabled Items:
-Yet to be decided however redmatter explosives are the only missile banned at the moment