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Greylist Server Elite Perseverance|Resurrection 1.0.0|Friendly|No Banned Items|Dedicated|24/7

Discussion in 'Resurrection' started by MinecraftB0ss, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. MinecraftB0ss

    MinecraftB0ss New Member

    New Server! Come and join it!


    Gregtech HARDMODE enabled! Here are optional configs to make it easier to find recipes: http://bit.ly/elitepgregtech

    IP: play.elitepgaming.com:25570

    We have Competent staff!
    We have ranks that reward players for play time!
    We have NO donations!
    WE have a DEDICATED BOX!

    The server is not guaranteed to be STABLE, and has a HIGH chance of world resets! This will change as the modpack has released more updates to stabilize the pack itself!

    We are just looking for people that want to have a good time playing. We do not discriminate and we enjoy helping newbies!
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