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Whitelist Server EclipseCraft|Direwolf 5.2.1|Moderate Whitelist|15 Slots|24/7|

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Kyle2803, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    Thanks for the excellent app, Rob, accepted. (You might wanna speak to l3radrocks in game, he is a noob admin who can't cope living on his own. haha)
  2. Rohkabr64

    Rohkabr64 New Member

    Do I need Applied Energistics now? I can't seem to get on.
  3. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    Just update your DW20 pack
  4. Rohkabr64

    Rohkabr64 New Member

    Yeah, I just saw that and updated.
  5. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    I would rather this sent to me on teamspeak or a private message on the forums, however Brad exaplined it was intended to be a 1 hour ban and Essentials seemed to have made it a permanent one, removed now.
  6. MLDnumnum

    MLDnumnum New Member

    Post Removed.

    I wasn't expecting to be home right now, so I wasn't able to send it to you over teamspeak. Things have changed though, so I will be home until tomorrow.

    EDIT: Actually I am still banned :(
  7. haloharry97

    haloharry97 New Member

    In-Game Name: haloharry97

    age: 14

    Why do you want to join: I wan't to join a small server so I can get to know all the people and also because I don't like a screen full of text or a map so full there is no room to build with out going far far away. I love to build with in a group and trade stuff with others. One of my frineds are on this server and I want to play with him, his name is rob5251 he is a good chap.

    Why should I choose you over other applicants?: If you are looking for someone who doesn't greif, kill people, and loves to build stuff without causing anyone a hassle then I would like to join and play with my friend.

    Do you have past mod experience? Where?: Tekkit and FTB Direwolf20 pack I've played on an old server with rob.

    Do you have a working microphone?:Yes

    Do you have Teamspeak3 (free)(not required)?:Yes
  8. Kronza

    Kronza New Member

    --In Game Name: _Kronza_
    --Real Age: 17
    --Why do you want to join us? (Write at least 4 good sentences here, more the better): I'd like to join you guys as I'm done with all the open server bullshit with all the griefers and people that really don't give a shit about being banned so they just do what ever in the hell they please as if they have millions of accounts to just go on and get banned on.
    --Why should I choose you over other applicants?: I believe you should choose me over other people as I am a friendly and outgoing person, I dont mind sitting down and disscussing to a noobie of how this machine is powering this machine as it is proccessing this ore, I personally love teaching, which is why I plan on getting my master's in college for Teaching Math.
    --Do you have past mod experience? Where? (we are noob friendly!): Yes, I have experience of even running my own server for a bit, so I guess I have quite a bit of experience, before I ran that server I had played tekkit for about 4-5 months.
    --Do you have a working microphone? Yeah, TurtleBeach Px21's
    --Do you have Teamspeak3 (free)(not required)? Why not, I already have it installed on my PC.
  9. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    Sorry not enough info on both.
  10. drawsius

    drawsius New Member

    In Game Name:

    Real Age:

    Why do you want to join us? (Write at least 4 good sentences here, more the better):
    I Have for a long time been looking for a friendly server with players that know what they do and i think that i have finally found what i was looking for.
    I also hope to get to know some new people that enjoy to play modded Minecraft together.
    As I am studying during the days and not able to play so much during that time i want to feel secure to leave my stuff without having to build some sort of complicated trap, maybe just a small one will do. hehe!
    When i play on a server i try to give something back to the server, maybe nothing fancy but something, like a community build or maybe help with teaching new people or something like that.

    Why should I choose you over other applicants?:
    That is a hard question to ask and all i can say is that i am friendly and helpful, i work great with others and all that stuff, I also think that i am able to help new players to get started with modded Minecraft if that is needed, but that is all i can say unfortunatly.

    Do you have past mod experience? Whereo? (we are nob friendly!):

    I have been playing modded Minecraft for almost a year now and are eager to try new things all the time.

    Do you have a working microphone?


    Do you have Teamspeak3 (free)(not required)?
  11. thomboy90

    thomboy90 New Member

    iam 14 but pretty mature
    i want to join you because :
    i want to play on your server to do a youtube lets play, and because a server i used to play on isn''t fun anymore, i also want to help you gys, and i want to have a good time
    you should choose me because i will be an active player and come on the teamspeak, and i will help you guys :D
    i have allot of experience with the mods because iam not i great builder (iam not bad but not great) so i searched for things to do and so i came in the mods, ic1 ee1 so i know my way around
    i have a mic and i would love to come on the teamspeak
  12. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    Accepted, welcome to the server.

    Denied. Didn't use template, bad grammar and not enough information.
  13. twilightking

    twilightking New Member

    hey kyle i wasn't able to get on the server today. was the server down or something? It gave me a connection refused error
  14. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    I'll look into it ta.
  15. Dakta

    Dakta New Member

    I think the server is down it keeps telling me cant reach it
  16. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    I know it is f cked up.

    I will get some of the creeperhost staff to look at it, oh yeah, did I mention?

    No more applications will be reviewed from now on, thanks.
  17. Shundax

    Shundax New Member

    Is it okay for me to log on again? :D apologies heh
  18. Kyle2803

    Kyle2803 New Member

    I dont know I tried my best to fix it just try and log on and if it doesn't work let me know
  19. Dakta

    Dakta New Member

    you still closing down Kyle want to know if i need to keep searching for servers
  20. hideyholeman

    hideyholeman New Member

    --In Game Name: hideyholeman
    --Real Age: I'm currently thirteen, but I'll be fourteen in a little more then a week
    --Why do you want to join us? A small, friendly, mature, and intelligent community (I'm not referring to noobs, just refering to people that aren't generally intelligent) where I can make close friends as opposed to enemies who want to steal my stuff. I want to get away from the griefers, and the immature children who think they're all that (and some more). I also enjoy organizing and committing to community projects where we can create a large structure, or a little town, or (in the case of a FTB server) a massive, complex factory. I had a cool idea where we could create a complex that's similar to a bunker and will produce and items that can be created through UU by setting up a ton of mass fabricators and scrap machines (not to mention needing a ton power), and is controlled automatically through a ComputerCraft system. I'm also looking for a server that I won't get addicted to and it suddenly stops running because the owner forgets about it or the owner gets tired of running it. Finally, I'm looking for a relaxed, laidback server where we could pull pranks on each other, nothing too destructive, but similar to the MindCrack server styles of pranking, if that's okay
    --Why should I choose you over other applicants?: I'm a friendly and trustworthy player that commits to servers until they end, I have quite a bit of knowledge on a Direwolf20's modpack, and I'm not afraid to help people if they need it (building a house, excavating a space, sending supplies, helping with large constructs). I bring a large knowledge of Thaumcraft 3 and Bee/Tree breeding from Forrestry. I also bring (not to toot my own horn) a great building talent. I enjoy creating massive, original structures, using things from different realms, such as a certain mazestone as flooring (twilight forest) for my Thaumcraft 3 room. I bring a listening ear to those who want to just talk, or laugh and have fun on the server!
    --Do you have past mod experience? Where? (we are noob friendly!): I'm very experienced in Forrrestry and Thaumcraft 3, and moderately experienced in all of the other mods such as Redpower, Buildcraft and Industrialcraft. Sadly, I'm not going to lie, I suck at ComputerCraft, but I'm willing to learn if anybody is savvy with it, and is willing to offer help
    --Do you have a working microphone? Yes, I have a full headset, recently bought. It's in excellent condition.
    --Do you have Teamspeak3 (free)(not required)? Yep!
    --Examples of my builds : I don't play on single player, and I'm looking for a new server because the last one shutdown, so I don't have any pictures, but if you accept me, I promise I'll show you that I won't build anything terrible looking, or unnecessary

    --Edit-- I just read that you aren't accepting any more applications :/ Curses! A bit too late. Although, if anyone drops out, I would really appreciate it, if you could consider giving me their spot, thanks.

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