Open Draconic Evolution Error 404 core not found



Summary of the problem Draconic Evolution Error 404 core not found

Pack Version 1.4.1

What is the bug? I am upgrading an energy core from level 4 to 5. I followed the upgrade guide. I upgraded the stabilizers. The core itself appears to be constructed correctly. When I go to the stabilizers and attempt to activate, I get an error: 404 Core not found. I double checked, the core is (still) inside. I tried removing and replacing a few blocks to see if I could re-trigger it, but I still get the same error.

If I remove one of the nine stabilizers I’m told that the core is correct, but the stabilizers are not. When I complete the construction of the stabilizers, then I get the error.

Mod & Version Draconic Evolution 1.10.2-

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes - logging off and logging back in repeats the issue. I have not attempted to re-build as I did not want to lose all of the stored energy.

Known Fix