Open Draconic Evolution Energy Crystal problems



Summary of the problem Draconic Evolution Energy Crystal problems

Pack Version 1.5.1

What is the bug? i have found a bug where draconic evolution will kick you and show "a fatal error has occurred.terminating the connection." When you are using energy crystals and the transfer rates exceed 3K rf/t.
It is a known issue on brandon3055's GitHub
I have fixed this by upgrading the mod to a newer version.

Mod & Version Mod version which caused the bug: 1.10.2-
Mod version which is fixed: 1.10.2-
Using Infinity lite Ver 1.5.1

Link to log file Kicks me with "a fatal error has occurred.terminating the connection" so, ino log file

Is it repeatable? Yes is repeatable, every time you log in you will get the same error.

Known Fix Fixed this by upgrading to a newer version.
Delete Draconic-Evolution-1.10.2- from the mods folder and replace it by a newer version(in this case