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Private Pack Dogs of the State: Colony [DotS Pack v1.0]

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Incomitatum, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Xandelan

    Xandelan New Member

    • Have you READ everything before this? - Yes
    • Where are you from (Example - Iowa or United Kingdom)? - Florida
    • How old are you? - 24
    • What gender do you wish to be know by? - Male
    • What is your Minecraft Username? - Xandelan
    • What other games do you play on a semi-regular basis? - Supreme Commander, Command and Conquer, League of Legends, Portal 2
    • What role do you enjoy taking the most in Minecraft (Eg: Farmer, Builder, Explorer, Digger)? - Builder, followed closely by Digger. (I've hollowed out very large mountain-islands to form structures from the inside.)
    • Which mod do you know best (from the ones we have installed)? - Forestry, and I've taken a liking to MineFactory Reloaded.
    • If you are added, how often do you intend to be on? - I enjoy Minecraft after work to help alleviate daily stress. (Building works quite well for that!)
    • What is your schedule like, what hours do you most often play? - I'm normally on late night/early morning due to work patterns as of late and when I am scheduled to open I enjoy Minecraft in the afternoon.
    • Why do you think you will be a good fit for the Dogs of the State? - I like structure, I enjoy small tight-knit communities, and I over-engineer most of my machines to provide for others. (e.g. Power generation, resource gathering, etc.) I miss the server atmosphere. SSP only goes so far!

  2. M!C

    M!C New Member

  3. phantagor

    phantagor New Member

    Necrotects Server Showoff:

    Everyday i am going to post some pictures of one building of the server, so people can get a look of what we are doing on the server and may be motivated to join us :)

    Today, i am showing you the Ender Dragon Skeleton. We have only on End-Portal on the Server, which is located in a central area so everyone can easily access it and on the same turn, we have some kind of community hub where people actually might meet instead of sitting all day in their bases :)
    Enough talking, here are the pictures:






    There is, of course, a story of why there is an ender dragon skeleton on the overworld...and where the skeleton is floating above a whole made out of void...and why travelling through planes might make you sick...if you want to know more, dont hesitate to join our server!
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  4. phantagor

    phantagor New Member

    Another Day in Paradise:

    This time, our newest creation: The Royal Bank!

    Players can sell and buy (non renewable) items here at a certain ratio which follows the rules of normal economy of course :)

    The bank is of couse guarded by highly armored and armed iron golems and the best warded stone one could afford!





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  5. Incomitatum

    Incomitatum New Member

    State of the Server Address
    It's been a long time since I have addressed the players of the server. To put things in perspective you need to know that we are running a VERY custom server. Some of you have felt the rumblings on the horizon that things will be changing soon. You are correct. A few of us have talked and made an executive decision.

    We are not Shutting Down the Server.
    Don't get me wrong, that option was on the table. We even talked about handing it off to someone else to run, to assume the financial aspect. Truth is, while we are talking about money, I normally pay out of pocket for one month, and then you guys pay for the next month. Once in awhile donations are good enough to make up for that month I paid for. Money isn't the issue here.

    Attendance is Down.
    This has two prongs that I care about. Normal, veteran, players aren't around; and we haven't been recruiting. We are a gaming family: some quality relationships have been formed by opening our doors to outsiders. We need to always be a home for emotional refugees. We are still "military minded". We need to be an outlet to facilitate mature play. We need to get back to recruiting.

    So we made a Decision.
    Realize this wasn't easy. And the other option was have no server at all. I also wasn't about to hand the reins over to someone else as we couldn't FORCE them to use the "Dogs of the State" name or adhere to our creeds. So we will keep that modicum of control and quality.

    The current "pack" is a pain in the ass to update and maintain. Doc and Mic can't do it anymore. It's just bigger than them. So big it is destined to fail. Like a shitty Jenga tower, touch one part and the whole thing could break. This is a dumb position to be in, and we realize it now. We need something where the Administrators aren't pouring their sanity into it weekly just to keep it running.

    I don't hide my opinion of Mojang. But 1.7.2 seems to be substantial enough that it can facilitate play for awhile. I also have been made aware that under Doc and Mic's watch you haven't had a world reset in months. Months! You've all grown complacent. Gone are the days where we have parties heralding in the coming apocalypse.

    So we're going to go Vanilla. Some of you will leave us if we do. I know this, and I am sorry to hear it. But ALL of you would be gone if we didn't have a server. Having packs is a barrier to new recruits, while even some veteran players don't know how to install them. With Vanilla Admins won't have to spend their time hammering the pack back into submission, they can actually spend their time playing.

    With Vanilla we can even downgrade the cost of the server as it's more stable than a pack. While the packs tend to be more "fun" remember; minecraft is programmed in java, and most of the mod creators are dedicated hobbyists. Memory leaks prevail but cost us time and money. The reason we don't go back to a "pack" is everyone seems to have a different opinion on what should be included; combined with the time it takes to put it together. Also, in time, as attendance is up again and we get dedicated support, we may even go back to a pack: someday.

    While we will lose some players, we'll get new ones. And players like Bri and I will be coming back as well. It's been long enough and I think my life is stable enough that I can play, casually, now and then.

    We will also be looking for new moderators. Doc, Mic, Razzle, and Dan are the “current” Moderators. We will be having a talk and picking from a pool we divine and interviewing candidates. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by talking to us, we'll ask you. We seek those that don't seek power.

    Other Things.
    With this we are also, slowly, pushing into other sandbox games. There MAY come a day where we DON'T have a Minecraft server. But we are trying this out for a few months. If we can't get attendance up by the end of the year then we may still put a fork in it and call it done.

    But there are other games coming too. Starcitizen, Starbound, Planet Explorers, Space Engineers and Seven Days to Die. Look these up, we've been playing them and are VERY much looking to take the clan in that direction; in time.

    Outside of persistent worlds we are playing games like Marvel Heroes and Warthunder. These are FREE and can be played fairly casually. We invite you to play them too.

    Lastly, our community is stronger when we are communicating. Get a comfortable headset and join us on team-speak. I am on there daily, and many of us (whether on Minecraft or some other game) are there as well. Talking, getting to know one another. Growing closer as water-brothers.

    Fallout (not the Game).
    I know there is going to be some discussion. And I'd like to hear it. I DON'T want to hear complaining. If you have a dissenting opinion, please do so in a constructive manner. But note, this has never been a democracy, and we did not come to this decision lightly. You are still going to have a home, it will just be a lot less fancy. This half-measure is the best we could come up with. I look forward to playing with you again; those of you who stay.

    In Closing.
    After us mods test the pre-release, we will be looking at how we can gamify the next server. We have had Motherships and Villages and Colonies; we have yet to see where we will end up next.

    "Thou Art God."
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