doFireTick false and how to remove fires?

Discussion in 'Server Admin Area' started by Pixelmnkey, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Pixelmnkey

    Pixelmnkey New Member

    I've set the doFireTick to false, but the fire from the thunderstorm remains on the ground, is there anyway to prevent the fire from expanding and at the same time remove the fire that the thunder leaves at the ground?

  2. Brak

    Brak New Member

    I to am wondering about this, until something like worldguard comes along I'm having trouble with fires just staying lit forever, unless I manually go around and punch them out. I'd have thought that turning the fire ticks on during rain would cause it to them to all go out, but alas they do not, and I can't leave the setting as true without knowing that there's no fires anywhere that would spread as soon as the rain stops, so I'm kinda stuck leaving it to false at the moment.
  3. Pixelmnkey

    Pixelmnkey New Member

    Same here, it shouldn't be hard to make a mod to prevent that, right?
  4. Scaffolding

    Scaffolding New Member

    "The problem is that the nature of lightning fires are that they don't go out with fire-spread turned off, and after a few weeks people are going to get really frustrated with manually putting them off when the server is still not switched over."

    "(The real people to blame are the Minecraft devs; 'turning off fire spread' should mean fire cannot spread; this makes no sense with regards to all materials suddenly acting like netherrack and keeping fires burning forever.)"

    If you are really desperate for worldguard you can try BukkitForge, it allows you to run bukkit plugins on a MinecraftForge server.

    Still a beta thing but Worldguard supposedly works, I tested it out with PermissionsBukkit 2.0, Sortal & Vault without any issues.
  5. Pixelmnkey

    Pixelmnkey New Member

    Uhm, but pex isn't working, how can i protect zones from being griffed? pex from MyTown works, can i just use that and add the worldguard with BukkitForge?
  6. Brak

    Brak New Member

    After pouring over the internet for hours searching and installing a couple different plugins to handle putting out fires, I've finally given up and am just using a rudimentary backup plugin to just roll back the world if the redwood forested areas that my players live on goes up in flames.

    I've tried WorldGuard using BukkitForge, and the stopfire commands don't work. Editing the config file to turn off all fire spreading doesn't work (and I've made sure I haven't missed anything here about the config being improperly configured, spent and hour or so on that). Once again, the vanilla command to stop fire spreading just leaves hundreds of fires just constantly burning forever after every thunderstorm.

    I tried getting spc (SinglePlayerCommands) to work as well, since it has a extinguish command, but no dice. I'm pretty suprised that such a simple thing is apparently such a diffcult thing to get working, and it's driving me crazy, because I'm pretty sure I've just missed something somewhere.

    If anyone has any suggestions, or examples of how they keep their forests fireproof without just using the in-game doFireTick command, I'd really appreciate any help.
  7. WitherSauce

    WitherSauce New Member

    Hmm, you could try MCPC+. Its like bukkitforge, maybe it will work with worldguard? I dont use MCPC+ personally, but its an alternative option. Maybe it has better porting for Worldguard.
  8. Brak

    Brak New Member

    Thanks for the info, I'll give it a try.
  9. powergo

    powergo New Member

    They did change it so doFireTick now has fires go out
    I was making an adventure map in FTB, but lots of things depended on doFireTick working how it used to. any way to fix?

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