Do chunk/spot loaders effect Mob Spawners?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Tangpau, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Tangpau

    Tangpau New Member

    I am doing an LP series using Magic World 2 and I have begun making spot loaders for my crops and things.

    My question however is this; does a spot loader effect a mob spawner? I have a Skeleton spawner trap built and it only spawn skeletons if I am close to it, would a spot loader make them spawn even if I am not around?

    I have searched for the answer to this a lot and everyone talks a lot of about them being able to make crops continue to grow, animals breeding, and machines to keep working but no one mentions how it effects spawners.

    Anyone have any idea?
  2. IMarvinTPA

    IMarvinTPA New Member

    I do not think so. If you have an MFR spawner in a chunk loader, it will create monsters even if you are really far away. However, hostile mobs will instantly despawn wasting the essence. They despawn if the closest player is 128 blocks or more away. The do not despawn if the dimension contains NO players. So if you have your MFR spawner in the END with a chunk loader and you play in the overworld, they will spawn and be killed by the grinder with no problem. (Although I'm willing to bet that Magic World 2 does not have MFR...)

    Good luck,
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  3. MacAisling

    MacAisling Popular Member

    The spawner mechanics require the presence of a player, chunk loaders will not activate mob spawners. From what I have heard, the latest version of soul shards works this way, too, but older versions would have done what you want. And what he said about MFR.
  4. Tangpau

    Tangpau New Member

    Thanks for the quick answers guys, and no IMarv MW2 does not have MFR.
  5. James_Grimm

    James_Grimm New Member

    Extra Utils - Cursed Earth now spawns mobs when chunk loaded with no players. New feature.
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