Open Server Dire-Wars(Ultimate)(OPEN!)(PVPArea!)

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New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Hello everyone! The Dire-Wars FTB server is many months old now and we have just switched to the FTB Ultimate modpack! For many months we were running the DW pack, hence the name, and we decided to switch. The ultimate pack adds so much more stuff and makes play time a lot longer! With this change, the server has become more community based. We now have towny and worldguard so players can start their own community. In an attempt to start a server economy, I have installed chestshop and iConomy. Both of these work excellent with towny. The difficulty level is set to Hard and pvp is enabled! If you are not a pvp player, then you may want to join a town to be safe! The wilds are a pvp/raiding/griefing zone so move to a town ASAP!. We have few banned items so the players are not very restricted. They are: Mining laser, Age books, and nukes. Nukes are just too powerful and can completely wipe out everything a player has accomplished!

The servers IP address is:
Server Website:

Hope to see you on the server!!