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Casual Server DeVco | FTB Infinity 1.3.4 | Open | PvP | 24/7 | Pex | QuickShop | GriefPreventionPlus | GPPCities

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by devryb, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Updated to 1.0.2
  2. BlodySanto

    BlodySanto New Member

    I know i only been playing on the server for 2 days but, by now everythig seems ok and im not having any problem and no lag and im having a lot of fun, i recomend this server
  3. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Thanks for the comments :)
  4. Niixy

    Niixy New Member

    Im new at the server and for now, I haven't got any lag or staff/members issues untill now. Nice server :)
  5. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Updated to 1.1.0

    Thanks for the feedback
  6. Sabro

    Sabro New Member


    I was banned from this server today. "for posession of creative capacitor bank gained through exploit"

    So here's my rant. I've been playing on these servers 10+ hours every day for nearly 2 weeks. I'm 25 years old, and was slowly learning "modded minecraft" for the first time. So yea, I was having a lot of fun playing on the Devco servers for quite some time, until today. A admin showed up at my base and began attacking me. He was invisible so I just shrugged it off as a bug or something and continued to mess around in my storage. Then he comes out of invis-mode and begins our hour-long conversation with "you have some explaining to do, you better start answering now unless you want to get perm banned."

    So out of nowhere this guy named 'skip' or something, starts interrogating me about a block I had placed down in my base, which he picked up and was holding.

    "Why do you have a creative capacitor bank?" he asks. I didn't even know what that was so I had to quickly google 'creative capacitor bank' and found out that it's the "creative single player" version of the Vibrant capacitor bank. The difference between these two blocks is that the Vibrant version provides 25 million energy storage, whereas the Creative version is exactly the same 25 million, but the creative version never runs out of energy. Basically, the Creative version is infinite energy.

    So I replied "I don't know what you're talking about" -- that's when I noticed my Vibrant capacitor bank was missing out of my room.

    Skip, then says "you moved this block around multiple times" -- Of course I did, many minecrafters rearrange their stuff all the time. But skip was under the impression that I had somehow hacked their servers into getting the creative bank, so all his questions were, presumably bias.

    Here is my guess as to what had happened. FTB Infinity updated their modpack a few times, and maybe during one of the updates it bugged the Vibrant bank.

    If I knew there was basically a 'cheating version' of this block, I would have informed the staff immediately. But I didn't know I had it. The entire time I thought it was my Vibrant capacitor bank.

    Why aren't the cheating creative blocks banned on the server anyway? Are the admins using it? I don't know, nor do I really care, except it resulted in my unjust ban from the server.

    Here is another point to make. I had a special multi-block structure from the modpack Draconium Evolution. This structure can store 2.14 Trillion energy. The thing is, if I knew I was in possession of the cheaty-capacitator bank, I could have filled the 2.14 trillion energy into it for basically free. But thinking that it was just my Vibrant bank, I only had it attached to my REALLY basic machines, like the redstone furnace and pulveriser. My multi-block structure was only at 2 billion energy during this conflict between the admins and I.

    Also during this conflict, multiple chat-mod players starting porting to my base, which is really stupid because this is a PVP server after all.. the whole point is to build and pvp other people and have fun. The admins took that fun away, and I doubt I was the first this happened too, and I'm sure I'm not the last.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2015
  7. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Hey, I feel your frustration here but usually innocent people just appeal the ban here and we review it: http://www.devcoftb.com/forum/m/15988331/viewforum/5490760
    It's the guilty people that bring things like this to external sites so I'd be cautious about your next move if you are truly innocent and want to continue playing with us.
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  8. Sabro

    Sabro New Member

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, not gonna happen. I already explained my case to the original admin 'skip' or w/e his username is. He thought it fit to ban me without doing any real research about it. Devryb, you personally have been an awesome admin through my entire experience, but your other admins need some training on micro-management. But.. I doubt any of that will happen because I'm sure you're all just a bunch of friends who will simply laugh it off and ignore the issues. Thank you for the ride, but I'm out.
  9. Skible84

    Skible84 New Member

    Sabro, if you have evidence (not words) of your innocence please show it to us, I would love to be wrong on this. I dislike banning players but in this case it is where the investigation lead. I was alerted by one of the staff members of the presence of a creative capacitor being found in your base. it was found during a routine check for them. I searched the logs to see who had placed it and it showed you placing it several times, while I was speaking with you I had some of the other staff check if you had placed a block associated with an exploit that allows the gaining of the creative capacitor. Their search found you had placed it and used it in the manner associated with gaining a creative capacitor. This added to the presence of the creative capacitor in your base was enough to ban you, I waited and had another staff member check every vibrant capacitor on the server to see if any had "changed" into a creative one, they were all vibrant. This is when the ban took place since - a) you had placed the creative capacitor in your base b) you had placed the item used to exploit and used it in the manner it is used for the exploit. c) no other vibrant capacitor or any other type of capacitor had changed into a creative one. Here are my screenshots showing the creative capacitor in your base and that it was placed by you - https://imgur.com/a/sbMvC#0

    It is nothing personal and If given proof of innocence (not just words/typing) we will be more than happy to retract your ban.
  10. Sabro

    Sabro New Member

    Let's take a look at the facts.

    1) I had a creative bank, as discovered by staff.

    2) I am a Member of the server.

    3) Members cannot /give themselves any items.

    This leaves a few following assumptions:

    a) A glitch happened within the Devco servers without any person interaction.

    b) A exploit used by me /give myself the item, in which case would, again, be a glitch on the devco servers.

    c) A staff member gave me the item, in which case, also deleted my Vibrant item.

    Listen Skible84, you need to work on your sub-par 'detective' work before you make rash decisions.

    Proof of my case?? You mean I should have to provide you screenshots of my Vibrant item in anticipation of this glitch? Should I have also have screenshots of every single block I place too, as proof? LOL -_-

    Well, in any case, I shouldn't have ever been in possession of a creative bank in the first place; It should not be possible to have Creative items. Why would you prevent people from holding/placing/using 'buggy pickaxes' but not creative items...? If your server logs are so 'right', you should have also seen that I created a Vibrant Capacitor bank, and that it's nowhere to be found. Why not check that same location (against the wall) for any placements of a Vibrant bank? You simply slapped a "GUILTY" label on me and took it upon yourself to remove me, and I can't say I'm surprised.

    I understand you guys really want me to just appeal the ban in an attempt to keep this issue internally quiet, but the players deserve to know, and frankly, deserve significantly better than Skible84 as an admin.
  11. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Sadbro I really could care less if you just want to further prove how guilty you are in this case by continuing to spam here.

    If you really want our proof then here it is... We know how you obtained this item but will not be posting how the exploit was done for others to find.
    This is an exploit with one of the items in the modpack from another mod that will wipe the damage value from any block (Basically able to turn any capacitor bank into the creative version)

    I'd like the thank Skible84 for his exceptional detective work on this case in finding the proof and method used to obtain it.

    To any other server owners that may see this I suggest prebanning this guy before he even joins your servers and starts causing a headache for you as well...
  12. Sabro

    Sabro New Member

    It's as if you ignored my entire post #30.

    Items that are banned for everyone:
    Cloud in a Bottle
    TNT Cart
    Sacred Rubber Sapling
    Wooden TNT Cart
    Imperfect Ritual Stone
    Golden Egg
    Crane Control
    Sticky Dynamite
    Book Binder
    Descriptive Book
    Wand Focus Equal Trade
    Network Tool
    Voodoo Poppet
    Vampiric Poppet
    Imbued Fire
    Terra Firma Rod
    Shard of Laputa
    Spamr Launcher/Rocket
    Sigil of Compression
    Plastic Tank
    Crafting Card
    Wand Focus Dislocation
    Flux-Infused Shovel
    Flux-Infused Pickaxe
    Flux-Infused Axe
    Earth Former
    Dimension Builder
    Thermal Expansion Satchels (regular, hardened, reinforced, resonant)
    Magic Beans
    Draconic Chest
    For a server that has 37 BANNED ITEMS along with 11 restricted items, you'd think these admins would ban the actual-cheat-mode items.

    Wipe the damage value? How that's even possible is beyond my comprehension. I barely know how to use 80% of the mods in the modpack. The screenshots above are only proof that I moved the block (which I had no reason to believe it was anything other than my Vibrant block). By speaking out, I'm further 'proving' my guilt? You haven't 'proven' anything other than your own inability to do what's necessary to build a decent case, or to admit a mistake was made. I've done nothing wrong, I didn't cheat, I didn't hack your servers, and whatever conspiracy theory you guys have against me, it's just wrong. Name-calling doesn't help your case either. Enjoy your admin-powers over your members.

    -Sincerely, Sadbro.
  13. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Like I said we're not going to give any indication here as to what item would actually cause this.
    But I guess you're right you must be really new to the mods as any other person might be wondering how their base is continuously powered from a single block that doesn't require any fuel...

    Good luck on your search for a new server
  14. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Third server now open: infn.devcoftb.net
    Join now to be the first on a fresh map!
  15. bosschicow

    bosschicow New Member

    My friend and I have been playing on this server and it has been a blast! Hope to see more people join in!
  16. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Thanks for the feedback
  17. PastorBones

    PastorBones New Member

    Devco servers run pretty well and there's always someone online to play with! My only complaint is that there is never enough claim blocks, lol
  18. devryb

    devryb New Member

    I believe we recently increased the initial amount to something like 400 so new players shouldn't have much of an issue :)
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2015
  19. Catsgoquack

    Catsgoquack New Member

    This server is so addicting, I like how it adds several mod packs so when you get bored of one, you can just switch to another one. Hi saelong
  20. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Thanks for the comments! We are always looking for new modpack to add as well that would run well in a server environment so feel free to make your suggestions.

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