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Open Server DeVco |Direwolf20 1.2.1 (1.7) | Open | PvP | 24/7 | Pex | QuickShop | GPPlus | GPPCities

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Bloodytears0923, May 9, 2014.

  1. Drickon

    Drickon New Member

    Virtually NO LAG! Awesome shops! Great server!
  2. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Thanks for the feedback
  3. Elmoseviltwin

    Elmoseviltwin New Member

    I joined this server yesterday with my younger brother and his friend. I'm actually really impressed with it! The latency is nearly perfect with minimal block lag. Regularly scheduled server restarts keep the junk processes down. Fair, time based block claim system is nicely done as it doesn't allow brand new players to claim 7 chunks and leave, never to return.
  4. Elmoseviltwin

    Elmoseviltwin New Member

    So I've been on this server for roughly a week now and my opinion of it has risen even higher.

    Still has minimal server lag and downtime. It has an (hourly I think) reset that helps clean up processes and keeps it running, server is usually only down roughly 60 seconds each time.
    Staff is really helpful and quick to answer tickets made in-game in a courteous manner.
  5. Vahlkin

    Vahlkin New Member

    This is a great server with a helpful community. I've been on it for about a week and I love it. It's fast due to the server restarts, which aren't much of a bother. It's also got a great grief prevention system. Everyone should definitely check this server out.
  6. King of Buttons

    King of Buttons New Member

  7. Malrama

    Malrama New Member

    Any chances to see this on version 1.0.4 anytime soon?

    I really would like to join this Server!
  8. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Just finished the update to 1.0.4 ;)
    Bloody needs to update the OP to reflect this still.
  9. Bloodytears0923

    Bloodytears0923 New Member

  10. Battyball

    Battyball New Member

    I have been playing for a couple of weeks and really enjoy this server. I love the idea of resetting the Nether and End every month. It helps with getting new resources from those places.
  11. Jtune420

    Jtune420 New Member

    Great server so far. ive tested alot of direwolf 20 servers and this by far is the least laggy. great shop everything is obtainable without cash given the time of votes. great and fast staff responses. if i had anything to say negitive about the server would be only one thing chat is merged among all servers can get a bit overwhelming but deffinitally server worth ignoring it.
  12. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Make sure you check out this
    There's multiple channels on the server its just global happens to be the channel everyone is joining by default
  13. Poocaster13

    Poocaster13 New Member

    Love this server and recommend it to anyone looking for a direwolf server. Idea for PvP in open environment with player defined safe zones with claims is incredible. Love the moderators as well. Staff is extremely kind. One suggestion would be a help command that actually functions. Currently typing "/help" says to use "/help" for help with commands.
  14. devryb

    devryb New Member

    When you type /help in game you will get a listing of available subjects like this. To get help on a specific subject you use /help <Subject>
    Example: /help Rules
    Also make sure you take a look at our new help section on the website here, which has alot more useful information then what we can provide with ingame text.

  15. Atma

    Atma New Member

    Can i join this or any of your Servers whith a cracked client?
  16. Atma

    Atma New Member

    Hello i really would like to join
  17. PixellusMaximus

    PixellusMaximus New Member

    I've played on a lot of FTB servers over the last couple of years and by far this one is the least laggy that I have played on.

    As far as the server goes - Rules are fair and the way the points/shop systems work is fantastic. If you're looking for a DW20 server, this one is a good choice! :)
  18. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Updated to 1.1.1
  19. Mordrake

    Mordrake New Member

    Nice server to play the Direwolf Pack on, minimal lag and quickly go up ranks with time played.

    Nice ability to protect your builds right from day one and easy to expand protected area.
  20. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Moved auto restarts to every 6h now instead of 3h for testing

    Thanks for the comments!

    Definitely not

    Thanks for the comments
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2015

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