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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Moonridden, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Moonridden

    Moonridden New Member

    So, I've recently encountered an issue while using peaceful tables and swords with looting enchanted onto them...

    I have a large amount of spoils bags, and no way to use them because Unleashed doesn't have redpower (sigh), and I'm absolutely garbage when it comes to LUA using turtles, so does anyone else have an idea on how to open these suckers?


    I understand that a Turtle might be my only option, but like I said, I can't code to save my life.
  2. Over_Code

    Over_Code New Member

    I made a quick program for you, type "pastebin get VPpiEmdG open" into a turtle to download it. Then put a chest in front of the turtle, and a chest below the turtle. Put the Spoils bags in the front chest, and then type "open" into the turtle. All items will be put into the bottom chest.
    Hope you find this useful.

    Warning: Chest fills very quickly.
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  3. loboca

    loboca Well-Known Member

    Mind if I ask how you got all those bags? Was it an automatic method (soul shards, MFR spawners, etc), or just from lots of adventuring?
  4. Moonridden

    Moonridden New Member

    @loboca , Heres the setup I use. I keep this one in a nether fortress for blaze rods, coal, necrotic bones, and wither skeleton heads.

    The chest setup I use, complete with baby chunk loader:
    Chest Layout.png

    This is the sword chest, so it keeps the sword in one chest for easy replacement. Use a filler to keep loot out of the sword chest, I used netherrack.

    Chest Layout.png

    And my export ender chest, which my AE system sucks up.

    Export Chest.png

    Total Resources Required:
    Chunk/Spot Loader
    2 Ender Chests / Storage Chest (ME Chests dont work, I tried.)
    3 Peaceful tables
    Basic Chest

    Make the layout like this if using 4 tables:

    [Air] [P.Table] [Ender]
    [P.Table] [Chest] [P.Table] [Baby Chunk Loader]
    [Ender] [P.Table] [Air]

    Just repeat the setup as much as you want inside your base for insane amounts of drops... I use the spoils bags for a number of resources, it pulls directly from dungeon loot tables. Which means division sigils. ;)

    @Over_Code Your program works BEAUTIFULLY. The only issue is you gotta babysit it because of those super glitched stone blocks.
    Heres a screenie of that setup... AE dosent seem to wanna export the spoils bags for some reason.

    Turtle Setup.png

    Heres some of that glitched smooth stone...

    Glitched Stone.png
  5. loboca

    loboca Well-Known Member

    Ahhh, interesting. Thnx for sharing.
  6. Over_Code

    Over_Code New Member

    Yeah, hopefully that stone bug gets fixed. Also I think the spoils bags all have different NBT data, so try using a fuzzy export bus if you aren't already.
  7. Boundary

    Boundary Well-Known Member

    I also gave this a try & it worked really well thanks :) But as soon as I automate filling of the spoilers bag chest the turtle doesn't drop the item anymore it just keeps filling it's inventory until the script stops, the drop chest is empty with & setup to import to AE system as well? That was using an AE fuzzy export on spoliers bag (iron) chest. I thought maybe there was some weird interaction between AE -> iron chest -> turtle, so tried BC pipes to fill the chest, then I tried routers, then I tried another turtle filling the chest, couldn't get any to groove. I even tried a turtle filling the 'open' turtle. But as soon as I automate input to the spoils bag chest (whether it be a one item storage aka router or a another turtle putting items into the 'open' turtles slot 1, etc, etc) it always stops opening & just fills the 'open' turtles inventory. Any ideas?
  8. Moonridden

    Moonridden New Member

    I encountered this same thing. Actually went back and learned basic 'Turtle' to figure this out, but had no luck. Any other coders have any clues on to this?
  9. natnif36

    natnif36 Well-Known Member

    Because when spoils bags drop initially, they are "empty" and don't actually have NBT or whatever to contain items - they actually will stack if placed in a DSU, barrel Etc.
    Thus only generate their contents when they enter a players inventory.
    Not a turtle inventory - a player inventory.
    Once the contents are generated, then a turtle can empty them.
    That's why when you were setting up the program it seemed to work - by manually carrying bags to the turtle, you had them in your inv, generating their contents.
    But when you piped them in, they did not enter a players inv and therefore did not Actually contain anything yet.

    No-one has found a way to automatically generte these contents yet.

    Right clicking can be done in a Tool Dynamism Tablet or a Turtle very easily, S you all know.
    But the Players inv part?
    Not so much.
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  10. Boundary

    Boundary Well-Known Member

    Thanks, thats helpul information. So 100% automation is going to be a challenge, I did wonder why some spoiler bags stacked and others not.
  11. Dominance

    Dominance Member

    I think it is because the script stops working after everything is done. then you have to replace the chest in front of it for it to recycle. for some reason just typing open doesnt work. unless the chest is placed everytime.
  12. Feyriin

    Feyriin Active Member

    Tool Dynamism tablet generates an error when trying to use a spoils bag. But I wonder if you could use it as a mid step as a "fake player" to hold a bag, then output to another system to loot it

    edit: nope, the fake player generated by the tool dynamism tablet doesn't force the bag to generate it's contents
  13. namae

    namae Active Member

    A bit unrelated, but since you must've opened so many bags please tell, do they have a chance to contain portal gun?
  14. Feyriin

    Feyriin Active Member

    I've got the process half automated now. And yes, you CAN get a portal gun from them.
  15. PhilHibbs

    PhilHibbs Forum Addict Trusted User

    I guess I've been really unlucky with my spoil bags - I must have emptied a couple of hundred of them into my AE enderchest and never seen a portal gun. I did find a potato gun in one of the first actual chests I ever found, but since then, nothing. And I've been having the phantom stone problem, I posted it in the Unleashed pack bugs thread.
  16. Omegatron

    Omegatron Well-Known Member

    How about using a PIM from open peripheral to send spoils bags into your inventory to generate their contents then extract them and send them to a turtle to auto open them. Of course you would have to stay stationary on the PIM for a long time.
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  17. Feyriin

    Feyriin Active Member

    I just dump them to my inventory and throw them back in my AE storage, which then routes them to a tool dynamism tablet once I throw a switch. Not completely automated, but only takes a couple minutes of time with inv tweaks helping out.
  18. Lgweaver

    Lgweaver Member

    Did you try this approach? I tried this and I can not get logistics pipes to pipe spoils bags into my inventory. the supplier logistic pipe glows like it's trying to comply with the request. but the spoils bags never end up in my inventory.
  19. Omegatron

    Omegatron Well-Known Member

  20. Lgweaver

    Lgweaver Member

    The problem with this answer is that it still used the PIM and I can't get the PIM to function that is why I asked the question I asked...

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