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Whitelist Server DarkLabs FTB Server [Whitelisted] -Small Community-

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by darkplayer028, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. darkplayer028

    darkplayer028 New Member

    As the Title Says FTB Horizons + Mutant Creatures
    server is in Hard difficulty...
    the server has a challenging survival in it.

    Server app:

    minecraft Ign:
    skype (required):
    age (if ok):
    gender (if ok):

    why should we accept:

    addition info:

    I will Add u on skpye with a message about the Horizons+MutantCreature server
    if you are accepted

    if u accept the skype invite I will add u to the server group call

    U will be recieving help from there
    on how to get on and which mods are on the server
  2. Keeks

    Keeks New Member

    minecraft Ign: tehstatus
    skype (required): tehstatus
    age (if ok):17
    gender (if ok): Male

    Information is a bit sketchy but i'm willing to give it a try.
    You should accept me because i will put time and effort into the server and community
  3. darkplayer028

    darkplayer028 New Member

  4. Primeevil_

    Primeevil_ New Member

    minecraft Ign: Primeevil
    skype (required): i will pm you this if accepted
    age (if ok): 28
    gender (if ok): M

    why should we accept: Solid builder and technical minded person who loves Mindcraft

    addition info: If you are looking for someone who is online a lot and willing to help out others on the server then i am that person. Have been playing FTB for quite a while now and currently have played 3 of the new packs to endgame. Looking for server to spend time on not just a few days then it gets shut down.

    On a side note how developed is the server? Like just starting out or at end game?
  5. darkplayer028

    darkplayer028 New Member

    ok accepted
  6. DrCoolAid

    DrCoolAid New Member

    minecraft Ign:Dr_CoolAid
    skype (required):drcoolaid
    age (if ok):16
    gender (if ok):male

    why should we accept: Because i would be committed to the server, i'm easy to get along with and i'm nice to others.
  7. darkplayer028

    darkplayer028 New Member

    accepted check skype
  8. DrCoolAid

    DrCoolAid New Member

    My IGn is Dr_CoolAid, i i dont know why i put a smiley face insted of the D. sorry about that, but yeah my IGN is Dr_CoolAid.
    If u could Whitelist that name, that would be much appreciated.
  9. darkplayer028

    darkplayer028 New Member

    check skype for info[DOUBLEPOST=1389640428][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Pm me ur skype, and the server i feel is not even close to mid game,
  10. Simtim

    Simtim New Member

    minecraft Ign: Simtimzero
    skype (required): simtimzero
    age (if ok): 25
    gender (if ok): Male

    why should we accept: Because I am a solid technical builder when it relates to redstone, automation, and CC. I can also build things such as a community workshops, efficient mob grinders, rail systems, nexuses ect.

    addition info: I'm a college student, but I will play when I can break away from homework and the like.
  11. darkplayer028

    darkplayer028 New Member

    accepted check skype
  12. chupari2

    chupari2 New Member

    minecraft Ign: chupari
    skype (required): j.dillewaard
    age (if ok): 17
    gender (if ok): male

    why should we accept: i will be putting time and maybe some effort in it :p naah im gonna be doing alot of stuff thats probably effort enough
    {how about you up /\ here;)}
    addition info: im not realy good with these applications so yea....
  13. Alex2002012

    Alex2002012 New Member

    minecraft Ign: alex2002012
    skype (required): Pm you if accepted
    age (if ok): 19
    gender (if ok): Male
    why should we accept: i have a great understanding of all the mods in this mod pack and i am a great asset to a server :D
    addition info: Im Irish currently in college and am looking for a new server to play on :)
  14. Coni

    Coni New Member

    minecraft Ign: conibek2008
    skype (required): apfel_kuchen
    age (if ok): 23
    gender (if ok): m

    why should we accept: I'm friendly and helpful, I learn quick, and I don't take kindly to douschebags.

    addition info: I've played since alpha so long ago and never more than a few month breaks.
  15. Tyk

    Tyk New Member

    minecraft Ign: Tykngr
    skype (required): Ty_kngr
    age (if ok): 18
    gender (if ok): Male

    why should we accept: I haven't played a FTB server in quite some time. The last time I fooled around with TC was when it was in version 2, now it's been updated largely and I'd like to play around with it as well as AM2. I'm looking for a nice small community to share/explore the updated version of these mods with. Hope to hear from you.

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