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Download Here

, also know as the Crash Response Unit, implements new challenges to the the CrashLanding pack by iskandar, This addon pack is 100% unofficial.

Anyone interested in statistics click here to see how many times this addon has been downloaded.

I had really enjoyed playing crash landing the same as many of you out there, but i got to a point where i had everything. and anything i did was no longer a challenge. so this is my way to give more of a challenge. This is Cru.

Not only does this pack offers more challenges but it also changes the basic survival element, It's like an expert mode, i have tried to eliminate things that end up making yourself redundant. for example have you ever felt that automating everything was soo cool!, but then when you finally finished automating everything you start to realise you're not needed there to do it anymore then you realise you not required to play anymore. I have also added further quests that Cru your companion will assist you with to add new meaning to the challenges implementing this has taken a very large portion of my time, first i was only doing it for myself, but i seen there were so many people who still played iskandar's pack, so i thought hey.. why not!

Plain and simple I just wanted to make everything a finite resource just as the original pack did so for Making water a finite resource, however after a while of playing i found that water was not really that finite, it was easy to get. for one obvious reason was because of what could make water. leaves! they are so common to get. break it down further. leaves => Trees => bonemeal => Bones it was easy to make leaves for water because it was easy to get bone meal from bones, so now Mob farms have to work a lot harder to get bones, i've made it harder to get amongst many things.

Creating power is now a absolute necessity as there is no more free lighting. torches have a burn time. so you rely mainly on powered lights. You guessed it Power is a finite resource, i have dramatically reduced power output from all and any power generation i could modify any that could not be tuned down enough was removed. Planks have been removed so that logs must be used in place that means more wood consumption. coal can no longer be made from wood. many many changes for balance and increased challenge rating. though to compensate i have made a lot more things burnable in the generator.

Say goodbye to cobble gen, you want cobble you need to work for it.
The main idea is that everything should cost something.
I've added compressed additions of all variances of Dust, Sand, Gravel and dirt. They can all now be sifted in the sieve, to save time. As you can see it's not automation, but you still get a sense of achieving and a need to be there. on a side note Dirt is Extremely hard to get Trust me your first bit of dirt will be an accomplishment. good luck getting another bit..

Anything that i found to be exploited i removed. such as getting water from acid. oh yeah tasty acid water that hit the spot! NO!!! Water is now harder to obtain. no more netherrack either for free fire to heat your crucible, no more lava to heat your crucible. no more buckets of any kind for placing any liquid so you'll need to navigate with Cru, he will have the answers!

In the beginning you are helped a lot by the quest book and even that will cost you. as i was talking about power. Power is very important now, power is what keeps the lights on it's what powers Cru, your personal replicator though to assist you it requires power. You'll see what i mean, It's really important to read the Cru, as it has valuable information on how to survive.

A lot of key components have changed iv'e watched countless playthroughs of crash landing to see how people do it easy and what eventually makes them self-redundant and i have nerfed it. so though most people who will use this addon pack will be advanced players of the pack, you'll find most of your "tricks" won't help you survive anymore, i have made the quest book as descriptive as possible to help people who are not familiar with crash landing.

Cru is not for those who want an easy ride. I have purposefully made it harder to survive. please don't complain is all i ask. if it's a bug i'll fix it, if it's an exploit i'll fix it. if it's because you can't survive, keep trying princess.

I have modified a bunch of config files and added new mods and modified them to suit my needs. changed a tonne to balance. i have play tested this pack thoroughly to be sure it is in fact survivable so i know it is possible, just extremely difficult. The challenge is not to complete the quest book, Rather to survive and thrive, I have tried to create this addon so that there is no end game. it is a continuation of survival and thriving. however i know endgame of course will come to bare so i have also added galacticraft and mystcraft for the potential to leave the dust planet, to go "Home" however I have not tweaked them at all. so they are just in as a place saver. but this is not the end. on the newfound home a new challenge will await you. this is not yet implemented though i will continue to work on this although hopefully this addon will keep us amused for quite a while.

I will be updating Cru as frequent as possible making changes to balance it. I know it is possible to survive, not so much thrive, even surviving is hard.. is not easy to maintain at all. I have made quest lines for HQM mode As the default pack offers only 1 life, and then the Sync shell. But given the extra hard work you will have to put in and this is going to be in the the long run i strongly suggest Hardcore questing mode, you will be giving 2 live, and the quest book will offer limited lives. so if you type in the console /hqm enable you will open up that part of the quest to obtaining more lives. I strongly recommend it.

For the moment there is no Download File. As i am still in Alpha tweaking some bugs. I have already implemented everything that is listed here and more, though i would like to be sure of my balancing, as i haven't had too much time to actually play test. still finding some minor problems. I have a Poll available for what you guys think on a release.

Just so you know there are many grammatical and spelling mistakes in Cru, it is sometimes done on purpose other times was because it was late and proof reading was out the window... so this is the story as to why. "Cru is the ship's AI that crash landed and made an emergency backup of itself to your portable Device on limited reserve power and he is all messed up! He is your Companion."

Happy gaming.
- Leomist
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These are just the updates i have done from yesterday.
I been doing this almost everyday.r

General maintenance.

+ been reworking the quest book some more.
* More quests
+ changed a few more recipes to make crafting harder.
+ added a new mod.
- removed that same mod because it was crap and causing too many problems than benefits (wasted a good 2 hours)
+ Modified config files for balancing more.

+ shears can now be made from more than just iron.
+ Added "wolfie" or "Dogmeat" so your not so alone. (fallout 4 anyone?)
+ added new crafting recipes for ammo for needle gun
+ Added Some "emergency tools" to get you started.
+ Added all types of naturally generated ores in the dunes now there is a reason to go mining.
+ increased effects of cold water and hydration rate
+ Lowered health regeneration rate
+ decreased passive hunger droprate
+ Increased active hunger droprate
+ made obvious via quest book ways to Automate the camel pack.
+ steve's factory manager is over powered and can automate everything so recipe has been made a lot harder.
- removed vanilla crafting table because it was conflicting with some changes i made and because no one really ever uses it.
+ added a few one off quests to help in the beginning.
- removed a specific exploit that allowed infinite power generation.
- removed yet another exploit that allowed infinite water production

+ added a heap of recipes to the Fluid transposer
+ Zombie flesh can now be used in the transposer as if it were a dehydrator so you get a small amount of water to get zombie jerky, add it in again to create monster jerky, again for a small amount of water.
+ Sapling have a 5% chance of giving you another sapling.
+ Compressed plants give 500 millibuckets of water and a 1% chance of seed soup.
+ Dirty water gives you an extra 50 milibukets and a 5% chance of a compressed plants.
+ Leaves give different amounts of water and have a 5% chance to drop a sapling. some use more power.
+ Cactus also offers a small amount of water but uses more power.
+ Plantball gives 2 buckets of water costs more power and has a 50% chance for dirt.

+ Added ender storage mod
- removed the ability to make coal.
- removed the ability to make charcoal.
+ added recipes to compensate for no coal.
+ removed all crafting recipes for fruit trees
+ added new crafting for apple tree.
- removed anvil
- removed any possible way to make a villager until later quests
- removed brewing stand - no potions!
+ added a lot more things you can burn for more power when put in the EU generator! over 200 items can be burnt!
+ added the tier 1 iron armor plating for early levels
+ added a few new recipes for food for early game survival.

Happy Gaming
- Leomist


1/08/16 Update:

+ found more hidden buckets to remove.
+ modified custom loot to incorporate new mods.
- removed some loot that should really not be there.
- removed yet another way to get not infinite but water all the same.
- removed a sneaky way to get cobblestone.
+ added power cost to get cobblestone
+ added water cost to get cobblestone
+ added lava cost to get cobblestone
+ can now smelt dust for a small amount of lava.
+ added a new mod to incorporate a new idea im working with for water.
+ 4 new quests.
+ A lot of testing
- Got distracted by youtube videos for a good 2 hours...
- some reason thought i broke something then realised it was just a setting that was easy to fix.
+ re added the transfer node now that there is no way to use it as a cobble gen.
- after vigirous testing re removed the transfer node because there was a sneaky way of making a cobble gen.
+ added a new mod "house packer" re configured to use for unintended purposes
- spent a few hours trying to work around an exploit, eventually gave up. Removed it entirely. Rage quit for the day.

2/08/16 update

+ configured house packer mod some more.
+ added 5 new quest lines.
- broken nei -spend an hour trying to fix it again.
- removed a few crafting recipes for galacticraft
- changed a few recipes for IC2
+ Started to think i should change the updates to "day in the life of a modpacker"
- after reading the polls got distracted by the raccoon comment i put in and watched Guardians of the Galaxy again. i am Groot.
+ added more reward bags, from quests and also the ability to "purchase" them from Cru.
+ 4 hr in depth play test, finding the balance is good, i find the addon brings on some spare of the moment choices that ultimately end up in me dieing, so advice to future players patience and efficiency is key. so any stupidity deaths i don't count, have died a few times because of the pack restrictions, though modified a few things early game to substitute.
- removed a few reward bags that after testing was too overpowered for the beginning
+ added a few more reward bags to higher tier.
- watering can removed
- bonemeal no longer works on crops or fruit on trees, this encourages larger fields. and more variety, bonemeal still works on growing trees but slightly harder.
+ increased bonemeal rarity, to reduce instant growth of trees, the idea is to encourage larger tree plantations just like the crops. there is just enough for early game.
+ added bonemeal to low tier reward bags
+ play tested again found a few minor things with early game. basic balancing.
+ modified startup items. to compensate for bonemeal increased rarity.
+ finding some mods interact in very strange ways. Fixed another power exploit.

Happy Gaming
- Leomist



+ Added recipe 1% chance to get seeds from grass from the fluid transposer.
- modified saplings in transposer now have a 85% chance to give a dead bush that can be used as fuel for power.
+ 5 hrs play testing last night and this morning. everything was going well until i found that HQM hardcore mode counts deaths even when you have a sync shell. lost 5 hrs play time and world.
- disable hqm mode and associated quests. adjusted various small things from what i found in the playtest.
+ added a life stone to give players new life on death. for now players will get one, and the easy road gets another one. may add the ability to purchase one more later.
+ play tested another 5 hrs so far so good, world is stable, no major bugs, maybe i am just getting used to the modpack but i'm finding it maybe too easy now, will keep play testing i may need to remove a few early game things to be a little harder.

Happy gaming
- Leomist.


update: thought i might get a little more detailed with the things i'm adding.

just so you know i update this throughout the day and before i go to bed i hit post.

I really wanted to have the HQM hardcore mode in place because some people like to play with the thrill of hardcore but don't want to lose their world if they die.
+ Re enabled the ability to use /hqm hardcore and added associated quests. Now gives 10 lives.
+ added new hardcore death system, when you die, you lose a permanent 1 health heart (can be recovered), as well as lose 1 life from hqm (also can be recovered).
+ added repeatable quest every 5 days gain lost hearts at xp cost and power cost.
+ added repeatable quest every 5 days gain extra lives at xp cost and power cost.
+ added repeatable quest every 5 days gain life stones at xp cost and power cost.
+ added new quest for saving xp in tanks. xp shower and drain and xp bottler.
+ added new flint and steel recipies to actually use steel.
- removed flint and iron recipe.
+ added a few new recipes to make steel.
+ very minor tweaks to config files.

Will do some more play testing today to see how everything goes with the new implemented death system. still need to test more the difficulty of the pack, i know early game will be a little easier because the real survival comes later. just need to check balancing more.

+ Tested a little more.
+ Reduced the cost of creating a new clone down to 100,000 RF
+ Adjusted early game power level.
+ increased the xp cost and power cost for all quest line for hardcore mode.
+ introduced new game mechanics via quest book.
- encountered a crash while in creative mode, can't replicate, looks like memory leak or something, closed ftb launcher and re opened. was using 3gb just on it's own.
- removed a few quests from original questline.
+ play tested some more.

Happy Gaming
- Leomist


Update: 05/08/16

Mainly been testing today found a few problems,
- modpack seems to lag out something shocking when your inventory is full and you try to pick something up. so avoid that! Just make sure you always have space in inventory, if not just wait till it catches up.
- removed another way to get infinite water. seriously how many more can there be?
+ added another quest for crops.

- i found a nice balance for the death system, If you don't enable hardcore mode you still have the life stones, and you still have the sync shells die without sync shell or life stone and world is deleted, however if you do activate the hqm mode you get 10 lives, if you die without a sync shell then you will lose a life heart if you have a sync shell then you don't lose the heart. but you still lose the life. keep in mind you can recover lost hearts and lost lives every 5 days. so i am really happy with the death system. keep in mind if you manage to die 10 times without recovering any lives the world will still be deleted. the reason why you have 10 lives is because each time you die you could lose 1 health heart if you don't have an active sync shell, so you are still being punished, if you manage to lose all hearts you will become a ghost that. once a ghost you might as well delete your world. i am very satisfied with this death system.

Happy Gaming
- Leomist


update 06/08/16

Came across a 52:90 pig spawner, close to a town and gravesite, i want to remove it however there is no reference as to what's spawning it.. very curious.
- only found 2 references to a pig spawner, one in a hard chest in ruins. and the other is in a barn. not out in the open all by itself. the only thing i can think of is that it is trying to spawn some other spawner that doesn't exist and pig is the default.
-wasted a lot of time trying to find the reasons as to why this one pig spawner decided to spawn all by itself i can't find the reason, so i'm going back to play testing.
-i have enabled mob/animal temperatures, so that now all your farm animals including Dogmeat/wolfie must have a water block, water blocks can only be obtained using the containment field. hydration area appears to be the same as hydrating soil.
- so it turns out i have been play testing pretty much all day, and i am starting to really struggle, i am down to 4 health hearts and 2 lives, i've managed to acquire 2 bits a dirt but water is becoming a real problem, i'm on minimal power not enough for a sync shell anymore, this is really epic hardcore, i'm having to calculate every move just to stay alive. then foolishly run out and die.
+ there is certainly a balance between getting more dirt or getting more water. Then acquiring enough food, so far food hasn't been too much of a problem, as i have added early game ways of making food, i found that the quests to purchase water was a necessity, due to tree growth taking random times. you can get lucky with the bonemeal, but i found i saved my bone meal and used it to repair the emergency tools.

- annnnnnnnnnnnnnd im dead. when a zombie with 245hp is gunning for you i don't recommend running at it with a frying pan. with vengeance on my mind i ran back for my stuff only with 3 hearts left and 2 lives left, i start getting my stuff and dead again, 2 hearts left, 1 life left, without thinking i was on a mission, took the b-lin for my grave, drop spider killed me. world is gone. sigh... so many hours of testing.... i really need to learn patience...

+ Ok so after that i have learnt a great deal, that for one this is almost impossible to survive. I am just not patient enough and always end up getting myself killed. a fair warning to anyone who shall play this, be patient!!

+ made a few small tweaks to adjust survival in later game. it may help with making it a little easier, the main problem seemed to be getting enough bone meal, and zombie flesh and leaves and saplings was even harder, not to a point where it was impossible, just really made you work for it.

+ Added in another custom block "Bone Ore" Bone ore will spawn naturally throughout the world, also you will have the ability to purchase Bone ore from Cru.
+ Added Bone ore can be put in the sieve to extract precious bonemeal and bones. sieve drop rate for 3x bone meal is 25,15,10 and for bones is 1% chance.
+ Added you can now use the hammer on bone ore and you have 4x bone meal, 15,15,10,10 and 1% for bones.
+ created completely new template for spawning in, You can literally now spawn in next to a city. as my first try i had a city right next to me. This is also because i want all the ores and everything to spawn in the newly created dunes, as well as the bone ore. So each time you restart the game you will have a 100% completely random map. The only thing that will stay the same is the spawned crashed ship and a small dust mound in the corner. that contain 2x iron ore 1x silver 1x aluminum 1x lead 4x bone ore.

-with the added bone ore spawning i think this gives a little more of that edge and requirement to look for ores. survivability is tough but it is possible, bone meal was extremely rare, and having it spawn naturally will help. my demise was due to rushed choices and not keeping an eye on the death clock, i'm sure it will happen to everyone, the pack design now seems quite solid. so i think this pack is quite ready to be released.

Consider this the version 1.0 i will of course be working on this pack more to finish some quests and to add more content to the quest book, because i still need to implement galacticraft and mystcraft as well as finalize a few things.

If you do happen to find a bug/exploit please let me know so i can update and fix it. Remember this is supposed to be hardcore, it is supposed to be almost impossible, so don't complain about survival.
If someone wants to do a survive and thrive series on it let me know here because i love watching people play.
If you have any suggestions please do feel free to submit them for consideration.

Zip file contains all necessary config files and mods added, it also includes the resource pack Faithful, as that's the one i recommend. I also recommend Backing up your original Crash landing do this by renaming your old crash landing and then relaunch the game, it will re download a fresh copy. then simply copy the rar file into the crash landing directory and extract there. overwrite all files. play.

If you download the file please vote to say you downloaded it, i don't have any counters or anything.

Happy Gaming
- Leomist


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Jul 29, 2019
I can't seem to download this?

It's "In Moderation" whatever that means?

I miss Crash Landing! I can't wait to play this.


Ahh, Seems they didn't like the .rar file i'll have to upload the file as a zip file it seems.
I will upload it as soon as possible and then hopfully they will not moderate so long again.
Soon you will have Crash landing. with Cru.


ok i have uploaded the latest release file "Cru 1.6.4 v1.0.0.zip" hopfully the moderators will not take so long with it.

EDIT: download link at top of page.!

if you enjoy the pack let other know. so they can also enjoy the pack.
Also let me know by leaving comments as well, just to let me know you appreciate the effort that has been put into making this addon pack.
It will give me inspiration to continue working on it.
Also if you need help or advice, or if something is not clear in Cru, let me know, i have tried to make Cru as detailed as possible though it is very time consuming.

Remember the idea is to survive and thrive. It's not about completing the quests.

Happy Gaming
- Leomist
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Seem to be having a lot of trouble getting the file approved from curse.
---- I Removed this dodgy link.---
however it requires an email address to be sent the link.
anyone have a better place for me to upload?
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Thanks RealKC I didn't think you could only share certain parts of google drive. I have uploaded the file to there for download.


added easy to find "Download Here" on the original thread at the top of page. it will access the google drive folder Cru, and i will update later editions there also.
Of course i will always put the new changes to the log here and let people know there is a new release.

Happy Gaming
- Leomist
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Fighting with the loading of the modpack at the moment, but I played the living crap out of Crash Landing. So seeing this update brings a tear to my eye. I'm not sure how easily you would be able to create a Curse export, but that'd probably make some people's lives easier when installing it.

Edit: Got it working, went full derp and didn't realize I just had to copy the files INTO the crash landing folder. Loaded the world and was on fire thanks to the ship crash. I hate you already. Probably will stream my progress.

Attempt 1: Reward Bag gave me another Reward Bag which gave me about 30 Wooden Hammers, which proceeded to crash the game with a Ticking memory error. Spawning at night time is definitely rougher than the full day we got with Iskandar's verison. The quest book GUI could probably get cleaned up a little bit, since quests are all over the place. Died to goofing around and not playing seriously the first go.

I'm going to try and do the Hard Mode, but I'm curious as to what we're supposed to do for Dirt since the dead bushes aren't good for anything and the first pack of dirt you get is unsiftable and unusable AFAIK. EDIT: I'm a moron. Reading the quest book tells you the fluid transposer does it. Derp

Bug: Desperate Times requires a drying rack, but grabbing one from the wall does not count for the quest.

The City that is nearby has about 20 iron ingots ripe for the taking. I only went to the first couple of buildings and had no resistance since the chests were up high.

Quests with tons of rewards make it difficult to actually get the reward I actually want, since some of them are blocking the claim reward button

Drinking mud doesn't give you a dirt back? Harsh.

Lastly, I'm not too sure if getting that first piece of dirt should take as long as it does. Maybe remove the rotten flesh requirement from the thing. And the clumped dirt that you get is just a tease, and pretty much worthless.

Will play more tomorrow, but I'm about halfway down the page on quests on the hard mode side and haven't even got my first dirt piece yet.
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Yeah, The game really hates it when you can't pick something up, it lags out really bad, see the previous history of my updates, I already covered that, can't fix it, only thing I recommend is to have a clean inventory(i know it's not possible with the hammers, I may remove them. Nothing can be done about that lagg though, the hammers was actually from Iskandar's original rewards, I really don't recommend playing the hard road, play the easy road, because there are tonnes of repeatable quests you miss out on.

Would be great if you stream your progress, leave a link here if you do.

As for the drying rack, I need to change the precise detection to fuzzy because if you place it on the ground and break it again, facing the other way it works, I thought that I had already fixed that. As for the city, loot is always generated at random, going to a city will always have its rewards, you were just lucky to get back alive and it Sounds like you earned your rewards thru tact and stealth so well done. but early game you wasted time not collecting essential things to create dirt, hence you may run out of food and or water. hence your rewards now may come at a risk to your own health.

There is a reason you start with more resources and get more rewards from certain things is because dirt is not available for a while. The start is focused on providing you with enough resources to live just long enough on until you get dirt. trust me it's a fine line. if you're not focussed on what is important, you will suffer the consequences later. trust me, I have carefully played thru this pack several times and fine tuned to make survival next to impossible. yes, it's hard to get dirt, nearly will be impossible I know, it's intentional. when you finally get a piece of dirt you will have actually achieved something you had earned. and no, dirty water is kinda obsolete.

I also found that the rewards when there was too many was difficult to collect but I wanted the options of those rewards there. if you click the reward you want and then there is a small space to "press accept" top right corner of the "accept" button. I may need to remove some rewards. but i would prefer to have them there for choice. for now Just need to be a little careful when you press "accept"

I reorganised the quest-book so so so many times. this was the best I could come up with considering the quests on the page and still have everything make sense.
it only makes no sense because you haven't unlocked everything.

Have faith, I put a good solid 2 months into this add-on pack.

Can't stress enough, you absolutely need to read everything in Cru. Also be sure to check NEI for everything. often i have created alternate recipes for some things.

And the clumped dirt that you get is just a tease, and pretty much worthless.
Yes, yes it is...

I'm going to try and do the Hard Mode,
Don't play hard road. The hard road is ONLY once you have mastered the easy road.

I hate you already.
Yes, I suspect it may be a shared feeling amongst all players. you know I only do it because I care ;)

Maybe remove the rotten flesh requirement from the thing
Gotta give you the desire to go outside your comfort zone, make stupid mistakes, "oh look zombie flesh on the ground I better go get it before it despawns" + "runs outside.... and gets king hit by a drop spider and skeleton plays pin the arrow to your face meanwhile the zombies be like, agrrrgg! and bitch slaps you dead" wanting that flesh. there is always a reason why I make something the way it is. Keep at it :)

You think the zombies being on fire is helpful and good too? don't have to kill them yourself? yeah? wait till you see stuff on the ground and want it. sooner or later you'll be on fire. Again.... mwhahahaha.

Happy gaming
- Leomist
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Just keep in mind, This is a survive and thrive add-on,

The whole idea is:
  • To consistently be a struggle to survive.
  • Slowly over time it may be a little easier.
  • Not make yourself redundant.
  • Everything is a finite resource.
  • You will never get something for nothing in this pack.
  • Nothing is easy to get.
Keep these things in mind and you will enjoy the pack a lot more.

Happy Gaming
- Leomist


Hah! I'm a plain masochist. I'm too stubborn to play this pack and NOT play hard mode. I have my first 2 attempts streamed and recorded, I'll probably play more tonight after work and stream that too, but here's the link:


Oh yeah, somewhere in there is me making a slab furnace because I don't read quest descriptions. Then promptly pausing for 2 minutes to rage because I didn't have enough cobble anymore.


Hah! I'm a plain masochist. I'm too stubborn to play this pack and NOT play hard mode. I have my first 2 attempts streamed and recorded, I'll probably play more tonight after work and stream that too, but here's the link:


Oh yeah, somewhere in there is me making a slab furnace because I don't read quest descriptions. Then promptly pausing for 2 minutes to rage because I didn't have enough cobble anymore.

So I have started watching your video, though your FOV is making me nauseous also your audio cuts out due to some sort of copyright or something and you are getting some nasty static as well.

You really need to read the quest book. it explains everything.

i see so many times you're getting frustrated because you don't know what to do. and you keep trying to do things the way you usually do them.

so to answer your question. "why does that blow-up?" because you're not supposed to be able to make a cobble gen. the explosion is to destroy the pyrothrum source block because cobble gen is forbidden. if you read the questbook you would know that. so you are exploiting a bug.

Dude you are so derp! the quest to get the EU generator! you didn't get it. read the damn quest book!

Again yet another bug. You are not supposed to have water! you are supposed to mine all the clay that updates the water to disappear!!! Looks like i have to remove some clay to force mining it all! - future update again.

You seriously don't read quest books do you! i explain so much during a lot of the initial quest lines how to proceed with setting everything up. It's so detailed if you read the quest book. you would learn how to play in the pack. like i said in my pack updates here, i have watched countless episodes of youtubers how they play and what their habits are and i have removed them.

I think you are just too focussed on getting the quests done. that by the time you have no idea what your doing you read the last quest. the entire quest book is designed to set you up. also you went hard road. you're missing a lot of the intention of the pack. it's not about completing quests!

the quests are there to help you learn how to survive and thrive. but you're just blazing through them without even reading them.

Take it slow, read the quest book, just remember man, it's not about doing the quests to finish the quest book. It's about the quest book guiding you. the intention is Long term gameplay.

Happy Gaming
- Leomist