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Jul 29, 2019
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Cut to the good stuff: SERVER IP:
Hi guys and girls, welcome to our official server thread. We have been a community that has been around since the very day vanilla multiplayer was launched back in 2010. Now just recently (for a week or so) we have now dived into the world of FTB, bringing all our experience, staff, custom code, the lot, with us!
Here's a couple of quick pointers about us:
  1. We use a custom grey list system, linked exclusively in with our website! (See 'Link Account' below)
  2. We don't add 1,000,000,1 plugins, we like to keep things fresh and simple, as FTB intended!
  3. No idoitic admins or staff, no sir-ee.
  4. We're 24/7 on a dedicated server in France! High speed, no lag!
  5. We have custom protection systems such as Server Lockdown, Griefer Rollback Systems, and more to help keep the server secure.
  6. Our mods and staff are the top of their game, handpicked from the most contributing members of the community.
  7. We're fair in terms that, if you respect us, we'll respect you.
  8. Our vanilla server has been around since 2010, if that doesn't tell you enough, we're also funded financially for the next couple of years!
The Rules!

Like mentioned in point 7 above, all we really look for is a bit of respect, however, if your looking for something a little more in-depth, you can do so by clicking here.

Link Account!

This is our custom greylist system, it is 100% automated and it's basically an intelligence test, if you want a great place to play, all we require is 5 minutes of your time, a guide on how to 'link your account' can be found on this YouTube Video.

The 'Whats Disabled?' part

This must be the most important of all server topics, what -don't- we allow on this server? The truth is, that we could probably count what is denied on our hand.
  1. ComputerCraft
  2. Chunk Preloaders
  3. Portal Gun
The 'What do we look for in you!'

Really, we don't ask for much, just your respect, the respect you give us, is the respect we give you back. We'll listen to you, if you listen to us.

Well, I guess that's everything for now, any questions or comments feel free to reply below, me (or a representative of the community) will try get back to you ASAP, oh, wait, you probably want that server address don't you?