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Couple questions for Extreme Reactors

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Starfang42, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Starfang42

    Starfang42 New Member

    I'm playing the Direwolf20 pack for MC1.10, just so you know what materials are available.

    First question: What are some good cooling materials for the reactor itself? I know of manny and diamond blocks, anything else?

    Second, what are good materials for turbine coils? I basically know of electrum, and assume that gold is decent but not as good as electrum. On a related note, how many blocks should I use for the coil?

    Third, what is the best liquid transfer system available to get steam into the turbine? It seems like EU transfer pipes is the best, but even with upgrades I ended up having to use two ports each for input/output to get the full 2000mb/t in my test world. If there isn't something better, I'll probably install pressure pipes and use that.

    Final, and most important question: How much power should I expect from a maxed out turbine?
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  2. InThayne

    InThayne Well-Known Member

  3. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Three Ender Fluid Conduits will transfer enough fluid. They move 800mb/t, so three connections is 2400mb. You might check the transfer rate of the Immersive Engineering Fluid Pipes, which act like Ender Fluid Conduits, but look much cooler.
  4. MacAisling

    MacAisling Popular Member

    Best is to build them with the fluid ports in direct contact. Second best is dimensional transceivers (or tesseracts once that group of mods are released for 1.10.2). There should be a vanilla recipe for ludicrite, which should still be the best coil, with only 32 blocks needed for a max turbine. I don't know how much the new mod dev has tweaked things over Big Reactors yet.

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