Cities: Tech and Magic - Minecolonies and Millenaire with other mods for everyone

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    I am unsure how to upload to FTB but since FTB and Twitch share launchers now I feel I can share my modpack here.

    First let me say this is my first modpack so its not big and amazing on custom mods in it.

    This modpack was created when my friend came to me and told me he missed Minecolonies and Millenaire. We then found out that those mods have been updated to 1.12.2 and thus I spent the last 2 days working on making this modpack.

    This modpack not only includes Minecolonies and Millenaire but also includes several other mods that other people might enjoy so your friends that don't want to focus on building a large city can also enjoy it.

    Included in this pack is:

    • Blood Magic, Botania, Thaumcraft 6 (For all those Magic Lovers)
    • Forestry and most of the bee mods, Pams Harvest Craft, Biomes o'Plenty, and Natura (For those that likes working large farms and different trees
    • Mekanism, Ender IO, AE2, Extreme Reactors, and Draconic Evolution (For those interested in Tech)
    • Also included is Tinkers Construct
    This is by no means ALL of the mods in the pack and I did make this post to see if anyone can point out any mods that would make this modpack even better.

    By all means check it out and let me know here.

    Cities: Tech and magic

    EDIT: Make sure you use Version 1.0.3. Version 1.0.2 has a mod that errors it. IF 1.0.3 isn't out on your twitch launcher(Not sure yet) Just go into your mod folder and delete Moar Tinkers.

    Edit2: It should now be updated to 1.0.3 in the launcher.
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    did you Upload the Pack to the FTB Luncher?;)

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